RDP Sunday: Talk

Solothurn cemetery 15.09 (9)

It was one of those dark nights, no moonshine, just a few stars dotted across the sky, definitely not a night for a walk through the cemetery. Rose and Charlie found it ideal, they had a lot to catch up with as they had not seen each other for a few years, and what better place could they meet than at the cemetery. Charlie had been there almost ten years and Rose only arrived a week before.

“So now we are together again Rose, I really missed you the first few years: taking walks on my own on the dark nights.”

“Oh Charlie, I missed you too. The first year was the worst, but afterwards I just found that life must go on. And now it doesn’t any more.”

“That’s death Rose, just have to get on with it like the rest of us.”

“Where are the rest of us Charlie, are we the only two here.”

“No, of course not Rose, there are hundreds of us, but only a few special ones like us. They have their own deaths to live like us.”

“Look at that nice bench Charlie, I often had a sit down after I put the flowers on your grave. I suppose it is now our grave. I hope you liked them. You always said you were partial to lilies, so I always brought them for you.”

“Oh yes Rose, I really liked them. It made the place look a bit more comfortable and homely. I suppose it is finished with the lilies now.”

“Probably might be Charlie, you know how much I like yellow roses and Benny, our son, and his wife have already put some on the grave. Hope you don’t mind. You know, I did get a funny feeling sometimes as if you were near when I made my visit.”

“That was the idea Rose. Didn’t like leaving you so sudden, but if the heart stops beating and you have a hungering for something special, then there is nothing you can do about it.”

“Anyhow it’s a nice quiet place here. None of that stress from life any more and we are together again. Hope you don’t mind me having the top floor.”

“No problem Rose, I can just float up now and again if I want to and you can visit me down below. Things are so much easier now. When I think of all those aches and pains I had from the rheumatism and it’s all gone now. Now and again I get a bit hungry, but nothing that a flight into town won’t cure.”

“You are right there Charlie, just a nice peaceful rest.”

“Evening Charlie, is that the wife?”

“Good evening George, yes she has now joined me. Let me introduce you, Rose this is George, he has now been here at least twenty years.”

“Good evening Rose and nice to meet you. Now if you want to know anything or are a bit unsure of things, just ask me.”

“Thank you George, but I am settling in quite well at the moment.”

“That’s what we like to hear, isn’t it Charlie. Next week is full moon, did Charlie tell you about the preparations?”

“No, he didn’t. Is that something special?”

“Not really special Rose. It’s a sort of getting to know you evening, isn’t it Charlie.”

“Yes Rose, I am sure you will love it. George usually organises it and we all meet at the bench for a talk. You would be surprised at the familiar faces you might see. Even your grandmother will be there. She kept asking me when you would eventually arrive. You were her favourite granddaughter you know. Afterwards we take a flight into town to quench our thirst. ”

“Oh, that will be nice Charlie.”

“Well I will be getting along now Rose and Charlie, so wish you a very happy remainder of the evening. Daylight will soon be arriving.”

“Did you hear that Charlie. Now daylight is not so good for the undead like us is it?”

“Definitely isn’t Rose. We might melt or explode into flames, so better be getting back home. Oh it is lovely to have you at my side again Rose. Think of all the expeditions we can make together when we get organised. You don’t even have to be worried about getting bitten, after all we have all ready got our bites.”

And as the two vampires walked back to their grave, they knew that they would now stay together forever and Rose was so looking forward to seeing her grandmother again.

RDP Sunday: Talk

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