Good Morning


It’s a misty one this morning, although I am sure it will clear away in the next hour and the sun will be back: just a typical autumn begin to the day. Yesterday was another beautiful one and I escaped for a couple of hours in the afternoon for a wheelie in my chair to make the most of it.


I did one of my round trips though the cemetery and eventually arrived in town through the back entrance. People still seem to be embracing the Autumn weather and no sign of winter jackets yet, making the most of it all. ย For our standards, it was quite a crowd that were enjoying a walk in the sunny weather.


I encountered this strange object on my way: an enormous bubble. Eventually I found the reason.


There was one of those guys doing it and he even showed this kid how to do it. There is always something going on it town on Saturday afternoon.


One of the local musicians was also showing some entertainment. He is a local character and plays and sings very well: one of the ex members of a music group. He gave me a smile and a wave as I wheeled past


I also noticed that there are still some brave ones that venture onto the river in their rafts. Autumn has not yet take over, but thinking about it.


I met this wet dog on the way home along the River Aare. He had just had a swim and was ready to shake off the water from his fur. It was when I discovered he had quite a loud bark I decided to move on, although his lady called him back with ย a warning. I did not want to stay away to long and wheeled along the path home. I had a chicken to cook and a few computer jobs.

I am not sure if I will be around very much today. No. 2 son is visiting with No. 1 and only grandson and I will be busy with this, that and the other. I now have to put my Sunday roast in the oven to cook it nice and slowly to be finished by midday. Have a good Sunday everyone and have fun. I found an Autumn bush on my journey yesterday, but it seems to be the only one up to now.


13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Any day with a wet dog is a good day.
    That colored bush looks like a dogwood (which is just coincidence). Do you remember if it bloomed with wide white or pink blooms last spring?

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