RDP Saturday: Simplicity


Simplicity was the name of dress patterns you could buy, although I must say I never found them as simple as they said. And then I saw something in my garden which showed me how simple and beautiful nature can be. I have been observing the bees for some time when they swarm around my sedum plant. They need no instructions, something we call instinct, for lack of knowing why. Today it was a bees outing and they were all there doing whatever they do. I even saw this bumble bee hovering around, his pullover covered in pollen dust.


The bumble bee seemed to go for my pink variety of sedum, probably exactly his taste, whereas the other bees were happy to swarm around the more darker shades. Was it the colour, or the scent that attracts them. Perhaps the experts know the answer, but what could be more simple than a pleasant September day with the sun in the garden just observing the bees. I was their court photographer


RDP Saturday: Simplicity

16 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Simplicity

  1. The first thing I thought of when I saw the prompt was “sewing” and my mom saying, “Choose Simplicity or McCalls. Butterick is ridiculously complicated.” Strange what sticks in our minds. I sewed a lot from Simplicity patterns.

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    • I went to dressmaking classes for about 20 years and made all my own clothes, as well as trousers for the kids. We never used Simplicity patterns as we had a lady that showed us the way with tracing our own patterns from magazines where they had them free. I didn’t like simplicity because they always had the edge on them for the seam. I preferred to add my own amount of seam.

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  2. Such pretty flowers, bees, and photos of them. Dressmaking classes for 20 years is impressive and then putting the knowledge to making all of your own clothes is super impressive.

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  3. mine have much paler pinks but I too think they are so modest, ask for nothing but plenty of water (which IS something here in France – we haven’t had a drop of rain for weeks and weeks and weeks) and bloom copiously.

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    • They come in various shades of pink. I have two sorts, one much darker than the other. Although I give them water daily, I think they are not so fussy and can store it well in their thick leaves. We too have had no rain for a few weeks.

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