Good Morning


So here we are again with a wonderful sunrise including pattens of passing planes. I have been spending time taking a few quick photos in the garden and also watering my plants as Saturday in watering day.


And at last I see to having success with a cyclamen. It has now been two weeks and not one leaf has turned yellow or have I lost a flower. I think I used to kill them with kindness. Now I only give water once a week and from the bottom in the pot and not pour it over the bulb. These were the tips I got from a site in Internet and it works. I even noticed a new flower appearing now and again. I have chosen Saturday morning for my plant watering day and spent some time with giving water not only to my cyclamen, but also my three orchids which I have had for a couple of months. I just love my flowers.


At last success in the garden and my rose has now opened its buds. I am so glad as the summer display was cut short by the burning sun and now it has decided to produce some new flowers in mid September. This is most likely due to the wonderful sunny Autumn weather we are having: no rain and temperatures staying around 20-25 °C.


Otherwise yesterday was again a week-end shopping day with food supplies. I had to make an excursion into the basement of the store to get a lamp for the shower room. One of those long ones that need a so-called “starter” to go with it. Sorry do not know the technical name for them. My other lamps are still working but one decided to have a fall out last week, which we managed to redeem, but I realised we really have no reserves. I took one of the old broken lamps with me and  the guy in the store found what I needed, so I got two of them just to make sure if we have a black-out in the shower.

They also have some plants in the basement, more garden stuff, and at last I managed to get a sage for my herb bed. I had such a lovely plant but the sun killed it almost, leaving only one surviving stalk. Now I have  nice new plant with plenty of sage leaves again.

Tomorrow No. 2 son with his wife and offspring will be visiting so I am not sure if I will be around very much. No. 1 grandchild is now becoming very active and has discovered the power of talk, although it seems it is mainly his own language, mixed with ours. He is already becoming quite linguistic surrounded by various various german dialects.


On my last trip to town I noticed that there are street repairs springing up everywhere. Looks like some underground tubes are being replaced here, ready for the Winter season when it gets too cold to repair anything.

Yesterday evening I seem to have been busy sorting varioius stuff. I at last managed to order my trousers online over the computer. I am so glad I found a good Swiss company that has exactly the manufacturer that I like. I also had to bring my list of internet site passwords up to date. The printer decided to go on strike and did not produce anything. I decided to wait a couple of days, perhaps it might function again, but Mr. Swiss went to work and after a half hour of profanities the printer seemed to realise something was needed, and the mistake (whatever it was) was repaired. Thanks to Mr. Swiss and his online knowledge, although he found it was more luck than judgement.

I am now off to do a far better thing than I am doing now than I have ever done (based on “A Tale of Two Cities” from Charles Dickens) although I think the the words were about an execution with the guillotine.

On this happy note I will leave you to your daily chores, which I hope will be successful. Time to go, have fun, until later.


4 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I am now having a try and they are still alive after two weeks. I read that not too much water and only from below, not over the flowers, the bulb does not like water. Not in the sun, only shady places and indoors they grow better. When they stop flowering and everything dies away, put it on one side in a cool dark place and check on it now and again to see when it starts growing again, and you should be able to keep them for many years. I am crossing my fingers.


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