FOWC with Fandango: Anyone

Carnival Figure 23.02.2019

I don’t know why people don’t like me; after all I am a doll, a clown and was made to make people laugh. Just an example, there I was standing on a nice comfortable chair in a second hand shop, just waiting to be the chosen one. I was not really second hand, but no-one had ever wanted me, so this was my destiny at the time.  It was Christmas and there were parents with their children all over the place. Not that I don’t like children, but let’s face it they can get on your nerves sometimes. I have heard that if they don’t happen to like a toy, or they get bored with it, they just throw it in a corner. Under the worst circumstances it might even get thrown away. Anyhow I am a single piece really. They sort of made me in the factory and then decided that there was something wrong. The smile on my face wasn’t so friendly and the colour. They had the idea that clowns should wear big shoes, which is a bit ridiculous. Have you ever seen a real clown with feet size sixty? I don’t even try to smile, changing things is not possible for me, I am just the way they made me. So there was a little girl that came up to me in the shop.

“Look mummy, what a horrible face he has, and big feet.”

“But honey he is a clown, they are made like that. He is made to make people laugh.”

“Well mummy, I don’t want him. I don’t find him very funny. He couldn’t even make a hyena laugh.”

and that was the story of my life up to the day when Dr. Foster entered the store. Christmas was gone and all the unwanted toys and dolls left were put into cardboard boxes to be put into the cellar, and brought out next year. I know the routine, it happens to me every year. So the boxes were standing in the corner waiting to go, when he arrived. He put his hands into the boxes and started pulling us out one after the other to have a good look. Then he spoke the magic words.

“How much for the ugly looking clown?”

“Oh you can have him for a quarter of the price.”

I was insulted and annoyed. A quarter of the price, not even so much as half price.

“I’ll take him, don’t bother to wrap him up I can put him in the car as he is.”

And so that was my meeting with Dr. Foster. He took me home and a day later I was perched on a cupboard in his doctor’s practice. He was no normal doctor, but worked in the local prison, looking after the misfits and thrown outs of society, the ones that no-one wanted. He was supposed to be a psychiatrist, although I never saw a certificate hanging anywhere with his qualifications, but a change came into my life, I was loved.

I remember my first meeting with Fred. Now he was a hard nut, had killed a few people, just for the fun of it  and was serving a life sentence. He didn’t say much, but I could feel his thoughts prying into my mind. Dr. Foster would spend an hour with Fred once a day in therapy, although Fred was beyond therapy, he was beyond everything. Where I came into the treatment? Well Dr. Foster told Fred that he could keep me in his cell and treat me as if I was his son. That meant, be nice to me and look after me. I think the idea was to make Fred into a civilised person. Well Fred really did like me. Fred just had something against people that smiled and I never smiled of course. I noticed if someone tried to be friendly with him he would act quite hostile and start throwing things around and even try to kill them.

So Fred and I got on well. At last I felt wanted in my lonely life. I had someone that needed me and cared for me. I was quite happy, but then came the day when Dr. Foster decided his therapy was not working and told Fred that I would have to leave him for another patient. Fred was quite annoyed. Actually he got so annoyed that he strangled Dr. Forster and burst through the door of Dr. Foster’s consulting room. Of course there were guards outside, but Fred was so mad at losing me that he attacked the guards. Now you might think one man against two armed guards was a lost cause. Well not really. Fred was so powerful and the guards were not ready for such an attack that he managed to get the weapon from the first guard and shoot him and his colleague with it. He then found the nurse that was hiding behind the desk and used her as a hostage to get us out of the prison. The main thing was Fred took me with him. Now I am happy and satisfied, I have someone that loves me and who looks after me. I am even allowed to sleep in a little bed next to Fred’s bed. Fred a bad man – no not really. It seemed that Dr. Foster’s idea of having someone to look after worked, as since we have been on the run, Fred has not killed anyone else. We just live happily together on a small farm in the middle of nowhere. If you happen to find us, then just drive past. Fred just does not like having visitors.

FOWC with Fandango: Anyone

RDP Saturday: Simplicity


Simplicity was the name of dress patterns you could buy, although I must say I never found them as simple as they said. And then I saw something in my garden which showed me how simple and beautiful nature can be. I have been observing the bees for some time when they swarm around my sedum plant. They need no instructions, something we call instinct, for lack of knowing why. Today it was a bees outing and they were all there doing whatever they do. I even saw this bumble bee hovering around, his pullover covered in pollen dust.


The bumble bee seemed to go for my pink variety of sedum, probably exactly his taste, whereas the other bees were happy to swarm around the more darker shades. Was it the colour, or the scent that attracts them. Perhaps the experts know the answer, but what could be more simple than a pleasant September day with the sun in the garden just observing the bees. I was their court photographer


RDP Saturday: Simplicity

September Photo a Day Challenge: 13. Lines


Actually I intended to use this photo from the overhead cables of our local train that travels from village to village along the road until it reaches the end station of Solothurn, where we have the train connections to the rest of Europe, speaking largely. Then something happened.


As I look up when I ventured out into the garden this morning and saw these designs in the sky from various passing aircraft, I decided I must share these as well, it was like a painting in the sky.


I will leave you with the 0 and X (noughts and cross) game above.

September Photo a Day Challenge: 13. Lines

Good Morning


So here we are again with a wonderful sunrise including pattens of passing planes. I have been spending time taking a few quick photos in the garden and also watering my plants as Saturday in watering day.


And at last I see to having success with a cyclamen. It has now been two weeks and not one leaf has turned yellow or have I lost a flower. I think I used to kill them with kindness. Now I only give water once a week and from the bottom in the pot and not pour it over the bulb. These were the tips I got from a site in Internet and it works. I even noticed a new flower appearing now and again. I have chosen Saturday morning for my plant watering day and spent some time with giving water not only to my cyclamen, but also my three orchids which I have had for a couple of months. I just love my flowers.


At last success in the garden and my rose has now opened its buds. I am so glad as the summer display was cut short by the burning sun and now it has decided to produce some new flowers in mid September. This is most likely due to the wonderful sunny Autumn weather we are having: no rain and temperatures staying around 20-25 °C.


Otherwise yesterday was again a week-end shopping day with food supplies. I had to make an excursion into the basement of the store to get a lamp for the shower room. One of those long ones that need a so-called “starter” to go with it. Sorry do not know the technical name for them. My other lamps are still working but one decided to have a fall out last week, which we managed to redeem, but I realised we really have no reserves. I took one of the old broken lamps with me and  the guy in the store found what I needed, so I got two of them just to make sure if we have a black-out in the shower.

They also have some plants in the basement, more garden stuff, and at last I managed to get a sage for my herb bed. I had such a lovely plant but the sun killed it almost, leaving only one surviving stalk. Now I have  nice new plant with plenty of sage leaves again.

Tomorrow No. 2 son with his wife and offspring will be visiting so I am not sure if I will be around very much. No. 1 grandchild is now becoming very active and has discovered the power of talk, although it seems it is mainly his own language, mixed with ours. He is already becoming quite linguistic surrounded by various various german dialects.


On my last trip to town I noticed that there are street repairs springing up everywhere. Looks like some underground tubes are being replaced here, ready for the Winter season when it gets too cold to repair anything.

Yesterday evening I seem to have been busy sorting varioius stuff. I at last managed to order my trousers online over the computer. I am so glad I found a good Swiss company that has exactly the manufacturer that I like. I also had to bring my list of internet site passwords up to date. The printer decided to go on strike and did not produce anything. I decided to wait a couple of days, perhaps it might function again, but Mr. Swiss went to work and after a half hour of profanities the printer seemed to realise something was needed, and the mistake (whatever it was) was repaired. Thanks to Mr. Swiss and his online knowledge, although he found it was more luck than judgement.

I am now off to do a far better thing than I am doing now than I have ever done (based on “A Tale of Two Cities” from Charles Dickens) although I think the the words were about an execution with the guillotine.

On this happy note I will leave you to your daily chores, which I hope will be successful. Time to go, have fun, until later.