FOWC with Fandango: Brash

Shop Window, Halloween Dress, Rochester

“Morticia are you ready, Ivan is waiting.”

“Coming mum, how do I look?”

“Wonderful, and such a lovely dress. You really have taste, and your lipstick matches so well.”

“It is called coagulated blood red.”

“Ideal” and Morticia’s mother, Sanguina,  had to think back to her first date with Morticia’s creator, it was so romantic. She remembered her first kiss after the ball when Dracky took her in his arms and sank his teeth into her neck. What a wonderful evening that was, and now Morticia was ready, dressed perfectly for the occasion. Ivan was a nice boy, and she was sure he had a good career in front of him. He was already the chief assistant at the local hospital in the blood bank. They said he could tell a blood group by just sniffing at it, although it seems he did not really have many friends. Morticia seemed to be his only girlfriend, but they were soul mates. Went everywhere together and had common hobbies, although sometimes they seemed to get carried away. Their favourite pastime was bat watching in the cemetery. And now it was her prom night.

“Look mum, Ivan brought me some wonderful flowers, my favourite, deadly nightshade.”

“Oh how thoughtful. And now you can go, be sure to be home before the sun rises in the morning. Ivan I am trusting you to take care of my daughter.”

“No problem, countess Dracula, I will bring her home in time. We must both be careful.”

Sanguina  noticed he had especially sharp teeth this evening. She remembered how Dracky would spend time getting his teeth to a perfect point before they went out together. Such a lovely boy, he has  eternal youth as her daughter Morticia.”

They flew off together, arm in arm. Such a shame that they were ignored by most people, but they were happy together. Sanguina was sure they were made for each other.

Rochester Cathedral, Kent

FOWC with Fandango: Brash

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