RDP Wednesday: Happenstance


“Now that is a coincidence Fred.”

“I was just thinking the same Joe. After a good Summer outside we have both had the same idea of a comfortable place throughout the Winter. Do you think the human will leave us in peace?”

“Just pretend she isn’t there and she might go away. Most humans are frightened of us anyhow. I think its the number of legs that makes them feel uncertain. Whatever you do Fred stay where you are. Do not under any circumstances hang on a thread, then the humans can get a little iffy. They don’t like us hovering over their heads. By the way nice little web you have there.”

“Thanks Joe, I thought I might try a fancy weave this Winter. I heard the chief was going on an inspection tour to judge the best web.”

“Interesting Fred. What’s the prize?”

“I heard that he has collected a few nice fat flies and they will be distributed.”

“Great. What’s that noise?”

“Duck Joe, I think the human is doing something like a Spring clean, but in Autumn. Keep away  from the nozzle otherwise you will be sucked into the insides of the vacuum cleaner.”

“Vacuum cleaner! My Elsie disappeared into one, but lucky the kids were already able to spin their own webs and move on. You know survival of the species and all that.”

“So let’s go up to the corner above the door. The human won’t find us there, but it looks like we will have to begin spinning our webs again. How did that pattern go again: one line with leg No. 1, two lines with leg no 2, and a spider cross stitch with the other legs.  Hope she doesn’t do too much sucking with that machine this Winter, don’t want to run out of silk.”

RDP Wednesday: Happenstance

7 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Happenstance

  1. This is really great. A spider came in and tried to get to know me and I had to tell him that just wasn’t happening. Nothing personal, just he was so fragile and I’m so big and clumsy, it wouldn’t end well.

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