Good Morning


Every morning when I rise I do the first actions in the apartment, eventually arrive at the kitchen table with my computer, heat water for my tea and spread a slice or two with butter and honey. Somewhere in between I venture into the great outdoors in the garden to see what the sky is doing. Afterwards the garden developments are photographed and then I return to the kitchen, sit down, fire up the computer and say a public Good Morning to the world. I am already exhausted before I start writing when I think of it.

This morning I got a bit of sunrise and an apology of a cloud. I even gave the garden some hose water yesterday evening as there is no sign of rain at the moment.


I also noticed that there are apples on my tree, probably ready for picking at the end of the month although not so many this year. Each year differs in quantity. Last year was a record year and probably my 20 year old tree is now feeling its age, although I am sure there will be many more apples to come in the next years.


I even have some roses on this bush in the middle of September. It is probably compensation because my summer roses on this particular bush all dehydrated in the burning sun we had. I am keeping an eye on their development and hoping that they will eventually fully open.

Otherwise not so much excitement at the moment. I spent the day at home yesterday. I was thinking about going into town, but was too comfortable in my bed after lunch and decided to take it easy. Sometimes I need a restful day in between. I will get enough action this afternoon when I go on my Wednesday shopping trip and good news. I will also be bundling newspaper and cardboard together this evening with my son for tomorrow’s collection.

I am still collecting my animal photos for my supermarket album and today they are giving twice as many. I know, but little things please little minds, and I have almost completed the album with its 150 pictures.


I was surprised to see this morning that I still have some sweet pea plants poking through my hedge. Autumn seems to be letting us wait this year and there is no sign of falling leaves or anything going brown.


My Japanese Maple tree never gets brown leaves, they remain red throughout the warmer seasons and then suddenly they begin to fall and I am left with naked branches.

For the Downton Abbey fans out there (of which I am also one), I noticed that a film has been made from the series. Yesterday they invited a few of the well known actors and actresses in the One Show studio from the series. You hardly recognise them without their clothes from the 1920’s. I am looking forward to the film which we will probably record when available. It seems the theme is mainly a visit of the King and Queen to the Abbey. Actually I am not really a TV person, but make an exception now and again.

I watch the East Ender soap four times a week, and the cooking programme Master Chef is back for another round with various celebrities of which I am also a fan. Otherwise you find me on the computer or with my nose in a book in the evening.

And now it is time to go. I have a couple of photo blogs I would like to partake in and then it will be a little bit of cleaning, a little more of cooking and generally enjoying the life of a golden oldie, health permitting. Have a good day everyone,  make the most of it. See you on the flip side.


5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning …. beautiful pictures. Today is “9-11” 18th anniversary in the USA … I remember it vividly, I could look out my office window in downtown DC and see the smoke rising over the Pentagon. Never forget. Have a nice day. SLP.

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    • I also remember it as I was visiting my dad in London at the time and my plane home was rerouted due to the problems caused at the airports. They closed London City and I had to fly from London Heathrow


  2. The aspen have begun to turn yellow. Nothing else has changed color yet, though. My Japanese maple is green all year but turns scarlet in the fall. It is also the LAST tree to lose its leaves — not counting the oak trees which may keep their leaves until December.

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  3. I am sorry to be so far behind. I know this is from Wednesday. I have so much catching up to do. I suppose I will find out if the weather changed and turned more autumn like. We might get our first rain of the season in the morning! It will not be the beginning of the season yet, but would be a errant storm. It sometimes happens like that.


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