Good Morning


A little late, but the sky did look like this this morning two hours ago. Since then we have had more sun and pure blue skies. It has also warmed up a bit. In the meanwhile my cleaning lady has arrive and is actually almost finished. She told me that she will be off to Miami in a couple of weeks for a woman’s congress. It is the second one she is attending this year, the last one was in Mexico, so she is getting around. I think it is good that she takes interest in rights for the women. In certain countries they do not have as many as we do in our world. She herself, comes from Columbia.


Otherwise the sun is shining now on the garden, so what could be better. I am looking forward to a relaxed day with no big excursions that I have to do, but what I want to do. Lunch is already cooking and I have more or less everything under control.

At the moment I am looking for a new book to read. My last one was actually a trilogy all about Cicero and ancient Rome – thanks for the tip Marilyn my online friend. Although based on our way of life, the Romans were quite a war nation extending their territories all over Europe, they did have an organisation. It seems Cicero was a very good lawyer, although he also made his enemies on the way. I am not sure how much the book differed from the actual facts, but it seems that after Caesar was assassinated by his men Mark Antony took over to an extent and he was Cicero’s enemy. Eventually Cicero was beheaded, but his marks were left in history.  I did not think I would read it all, but it was a space in my knowledge of world developments. Even today Swiss law is based on Roman Law according to my legal eagle No. 2 son.


Casting an eye on garden developments, I noticed that my savoury is still flowering. I have never had such a good success with this herb, but it is the perennial and not the annual sort. It is particularly good cooked with green beans. but also for general usage, also in a salad sauce.

As a Brit I am following a little the BoJo (Boris Johnson Prime Minister) developments in London. I grew up in London and left at the age of 20. I usually returned one a year to see my parents, but I must say such a mess that the Brits now have with their government I have never seen before. I survived Harold Wilson, Macmillan, even Ted Heath  as Prime Ministers. I was a socialist at the time, although that was many years ago. Now BoJo, the blond headed wonder, is Prime Minister and he has succeeded in messing up the British political system within just a few weeks. One thing I must say in support of the Brits. That the conservative main streamers and partially even Ministers, have demonstrated their dislike of the BoJo ideas and many have resigned from the government.  BoJo has even succeeded in suspending the parliament for 5 weeks because he has not achieved what he wanted with Brexit (which no-one really understands what he wants). One thing I must say for BoJo he is an entertainer.


Here is a cheerful photo from my garden to guide you through the day. I can hear my pasta water is boiling, so I should begin to cook my Hörnli (small pasta hollow horns). I am off, have a good day, and may the sun be shining on you. If it rains, then make the most of it.

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Are the pink flowers in the bottom photo sedum? We had that in our gardens growing up in New Jersey. Your gardens are beautiful. I love that Tabby has a pretty place to rest outside. 😀

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