12 thoughts on “FOTD 10th September 2019: Glory of the Snow

  1. I looked at a site for identification of plants, maybe look at “common milkwort Polygala vulgaris” or …. “scilla Luciliae, Lucille’s glory of the snow” … if not, here’s the website …. http://kukkakasvit.luontoportti.fi … I think it may be out of Finland, so it should cover plants in continental Europe … have fun … good luck … SLP


    • I found the name of this plant on my plant app although plant apps can be confusing. You can submit the same photo more than once and each time you get a different name.


  2. I can just see these in the snow, dazzling the eye with their blueness. Utterly gorgeous. I bought some purple/blue irises today to jazz up some white roses I’d been bought and they look almost blue in certain lights. I love blue flowers, gentians especially.

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