Good Morning


And the beginning too a new week. Time goes far too quickly for my taste. It is becoming an eternal  time for week-end shopping, where are the days in between?. At least I have a wonderful view over the Jura mountains from my back yard this morning. If only that house was not in the way, but my neighbour would not be very happy about that I suppose.

So what shall we do with today? A little bit of cleaning (not very much, just wipe all the doors over to keep them fresh) and a visit to the store this afternoon. I have more than half a list and I noticed Mr. Swiss was busy on checking on his medicine, so it looks like a visit to the chemists will also be necessary. I also have to replenish my diabetes tablets, although no rush, I have enough for this week.


I took my usual morning walk in the garden and discovered that my buddleia has awakened to new life. I dead headed it a week ago as it was full of brown dry flower heads. Either it is again beginning to flower, or the flowers are now more noticeable since I removed the old ones. It is always a delightful view in the morning to see what has arrived during yesterday.

We had some miserable weather over the week-end. It was dreary and grey and now and again with a shower of rain. This meant a week-end at home, although I could keep myself busy with writing and other little jobs to do. I discovered by law I am obliged to insure my cleaning lady against accidents. She might fall from a ladder or be injured by a falling object. I had a form to fill out and realised that I had been breaking the law. After contacting my insurance company they did the necessary and even dated it since the beginning of this year, so now I am on the right side of the law again. Actually I found this was necessary, you never know what could happen at now I am covered for any accidents.

I am glad that I do not have any special appointments to keep for the next two months. Mr. Swiss is now seeing again so no more visits to the eye doctor for the next two months. I now have a free run on me time. In two weeks our local trade fair begins and I am looking forward to it.


The last time I wheeled past the construction work I saw that this building at the entrance was now half complete and being covered with a nicely blue covered design. Soon the secret will be out to see what it will become. The workmen were busy on their special lift fixing things.

It is funny how life changes. When Mr. Swiss and I were younger we rarely bothered with such local stuff and were glad to be able to relax at home. Mr.Swiss is still not so interested, but I grasp every opportunity to discover new events surrounding me.  With a camera by my side, I love active participation.

My morning programme is already planned. I almost forgot to buy today’s lunch, but thanks to my no. 1 son the situation was saved. He brought me some sausages on Saturday and so it will be Swiss Kalbsbratwurst (calf sausage) with some cooked Vichy carrots, the ones I cut in fine pieces. At first I was going to make pasta with it, but I am not really the pasta type especially with sausages. I then realised I still have more than a kilo potatoes so I will probably be frying them with the sausages. Mr. Swiss will help with peeling them with a little friendly persuasion I am sure.

And now to some action. May the weeks’s beginning be a good one.


My rudbeckia lacianata are now beginning their flowering season. They are even taller than I am, so quite a highlight in the garden.

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Maybe Garry will buy me another orchid. They are selling them now at our store and they aren’t too expensive. Not cheap, but not out of sight. They have them in deep pink and purple. I think I like the purple, but maybe that really deep pink. I need something positive in my world right now. The insurance company won’t pay because it’s ‘wear and tear’ … which means it didn’t happen in one event but over 6 months of pounding rain. They NEVER pay.

    At least the weather is lovely — except for the mosquitoes!

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    • It seems insurance companies spend their time or studying how not to pay. We now have a good Swiss company. The guy always visits us personally when we have business to do.


    • Butterfly bushes differ according to their type I find. This is a pink delight which is more compact than the others, Since I dead headed it , it seems to have regained energy to flower again

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      • Oh yes, some get quite large and unwieldy! Pink Delight is a nice ‘garden variety’. The one that is naturalized here is nice too, but I am glad it grows out in the wild and not in the landscapes.

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