Good Morning


The sun will probably arrive later in the day. It is a cool morning but pleasant. Yesterday afternoon was a shopping trip for the week-end food. I had a long list of stuff to buy, although I am actually cutting down a bit on the food I need for meals. As you get older you cannot eat such large meals as when you were younger and I seem to be mainly feeding my No. 1 son who always eats everything. When I entered the store I immediately met an old work colleague that I had not seen for some time, and when I paid at the cash desk I met another old work colleague so I spent much time on catching up on a life that I once had. On top of this I made the acquaintance of an english guy that came from an area where I was born, but never knew, so it was quite an interesting shopping trip.


This is also one of my new arrivals at home. The store are having a special offer on cyclamen and I decided to take advantage of it. I have never been lucky with these plants, but have decided to do it again. I have been reading up on them and it seems that they are not friends of the sun and hot weather. In the past my cyclamen all got yellow leaves and wilted flowers after a week. This time I am being careful and keeping it indoors. It also seems that you must not give water from above but below in the dish and only about once a week. You can probably kill the with kindness. When they are finished flowering you should put them away and leave them. Suddenly they will begin to grow again, and it seems you can keep them for years. Up to now I have never had them longer than a week, but this time I am trying to do it right.


My forgotten rose bush is developing nicely in the gardeb and all going well I will have some fresh roses next week. Ii am so glad, as I really thought this bush had given up after being burnt by the sun at the beginning of summer.

Yesterday evening No. 1 son disappeared into town as there was a rock concert somewhere and Mr. Swiss and I were left to a romantic candlelight supper (without candles) for the evening. Otherwise we watched our favourite soap on the TV (East Enders) and I stuck some more pictures in my animal album that I had got from the store. Golden Oldie life was smooth runnings yesterday I am glad to say. Today I am not sure, but might make a wheelchair expedition this afternoon. Tomorrow I will make a short trip to the tanking station at the local store I prefer to go on Sunday quickly when it is closed and there is no stress at the gas pumps.


I had a pleasant surprise yesterday when I saw my special hibiscus had flowered again. I bought it some time in Summer, got some wonderful flowers and afterwards it half died except for one twig. I noticed that some buds were developing again, and this one opened yesterday, so there is still hope and it is really a beautiful flower.

And now I should go to see to my surroundings. I just have to finish my cup of tea first of all. Have a good week-end those that have one, and if you have to work, even that will pass. I am now off to begin the daily chores, which are no big problem.


Some orchids I collected throughout the Summer outside on the porch. I have had them a couple of months, but should now think about finding them a place inside before it gets too cold for them.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. OH all of your flowers are so beautiful. It is also turning cool here. We are finishing up with the Hurrican Dorian thing … thankfully. It has been more than one week of the whole drama with the storm. Have a wonderful day. SLP

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  2. This was a week full of doctors — mine, Garry’s and Bonnie. This coming week I have figure out what to do about my house. I had been hoping the insurance people would at least CALL so I’d know where to start, but I feel really lost. Rarely do I wand a parent to walk me through something, but I could really use some help. Garry is even more lost than I am, so I’m not at all sure what to do.

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    • I would really like to help but am too far away unfortunately. Problems like this are not easy to solve as we get older and they never seem to end. I so hope you find a solution.


  3. Ha! Another cyclamen! They were one of my favorite perennials when I was a kid, but I hate growing them as annuals and then discarding them. It seems so wasteful.
    You got more flowers around the home than do.

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