Good Morning


A cloudy one this morning, but no sign of rain and it is now slowly clearing. Yesterday afternoon I took a wheelie into town and it was the first time for a long while that I wore my longer version of trousers and not the shorter ones. I even put a light jacket on. Temperatures are getting lower gradually and there is no sign of a warmer Indian summer at the beginning of Autumn.

However undaunted I proceeded into town as I had a target in mind.


The cows are back in town. Once a year we have our so-called cheese days featuring our cow population as the stars. One of our large market squares is converted for the purpose into a cow home. The local farmers bring their best cows, washed and brushed and ready to be judged as a winner. Many are already winners and proudly display their various certificates. We have had this festival for about 10 years and it gets more popular every year.


Of course Swiss cows are the best looking cows without a doubt and are experts in producing milk for the Swiss cheese, although me being a Brit, I still prefer a good piece of cheddar against an Emmental cheese.


There were many sellers of cheese at the occasion and the whole place had a smell of cheese mixed with cow.


We also have sheep, but that is more a farmer’s hobby than a main occupation. They maily graze up on the slopes of the mountains or where the farmer might have some spare land. Here are a few prize examples, not the sort you usually see roaming around.

There were many visitors and I had to weave my way through the people in my wheelchair, but I was not alone. There was a small group from the local senior home in wheelchairs, although not self propelled like mine and that had their helpers to push them around. I had fun looking around and taking photos of the cows. It made a change from the usual photo tour that I make.


We also had a little bit of folklore at the exhibition. These guys were marching onto the bridge for a demonstration of geisslechlöpfe. You don’t know what that is?


They have knotted whips and they make a loud cracking sound as they cast them around their heads. Apparently it comes from the olden days when it was done to expel the angry spirits.


To back up the expulsion of the angry spirits there were also a groups of Treichler with their oversized cow bells. They march around and swing the bells making a loud noise, enough to expel the good spirits as well, but for me it was a fascinating experience with my British roots.


All good things come to an end and eventually I made my way home along the river bank leaving the mooing and bell ringing and whip cracking behind me. I like paying such visits in town, something I never had the time or opportunity to do in the past years. Mr. Swiss being Swiss was never so enthusiastic about such events and I was busy being a housewife and did not want to go on my own to such an event. Today things are different and I often break out for such experiences. Mr. Swiss enjoys seeing the photos afterwards.

I had quite a busy day as in the morning I took Mr. Swiss to his last eye examination for a while as both eyes are now operated. In a month he will be fitted with his new glasses when the eyes settle down, but there is already a vast improvement in sight for him. Perhaps I can now return to a normal daily routine. Life has been quite hectic and full of stress lately. Another event is that my grandson will be 2 years old today, time goes so quickly. Son No. 2 tells me he now makes the first attempts at communication, most words are even decipherable. As he is coping with two languages at once (Swiss German and so-called high German) he will have a bit of a mixture at the beginning.

And now to move on as I have a week-end shopping today and a few other bits and pieces to see to. Enjoy the day, it will soon be week-end.


8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It’s cooling down here, but there’s no sign of an oncoming autumn. I have no idea what’s going on and I still haven’t gotten any kind of off from my insurance company. We were supposed to go away next week, but i don’t know if we should. Everything is so disorderly. The house needs work done on it — one way or the other. The weather conditions can change dramatically and really suddenly this time of year. I really don’t know.

    They think Garry has glaucoma maybe. Tests to be run in another 3 months, so it’s not even close to an emergency. But both his parents had it and Anton thinks that Billie aslo has it … so …

    I’m just exhausted.

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    • Cooking here as well, but I am more comfortable in such weather, it must be a worry about the house, houses also feel their age in the joints like us. Holidays are a thing of the past for us. Mr. Swiss is housebound more or less. Hope everything goes well with Gary’s eyes. They take their time. Marcel had to wait a year, but now he is glad to have it all behind him with the operations.


  2. Well, so many good news here. Your husband’s eyes will get better – or rather are already better, he’ll just have to get used to them seeing so much better now.
    Then you experienced what many Swiss haven’t – me for instance, I’ve never seen a Treichle-Schwingete (that’s I think what that cow-bell demo is called). And what I like is that a good sized little city still has so many roots from older times – they even treasure them.
    I’m not surprised either that Marcel doesn’t feel like ‘attending’ those days. It’s a Swiss thing. We only start treasuring our roots when we’ve been away for a long time and realise how important keeping those things are. They ARE part of our heritage, of our roots, of our social upbringing. I’m a city girl, I grew up in Zurich and have then passed through several countries, 2 continents, but can’t wait to return to Switzerlandf or good. Of course we’ll moan again about everything once we will be ‘installed’ but it will be a lovers’ tiff, just complaining because that’s the thing Swiss people do…. 😉

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    • His eyes have already improved and in a month he will have another check-up and an eye test for new glasses, although he can still use his old glasses if necessary. He is quite satisfied with the results so far.
      Marcel was never one for community events and I was too busy with family business. I neve wanted to go on my own. Now Marcel can no longer go anywhere unless with me in the car. When there is an event in solothurn I now like to go, mainly because of the photography. I did no actually see the group swinging their coe bells, just heard them, but took a photo of the mega bells as they were on the ground.
      We have our HESO trade fair in a couple of weeks and I will definitely be going. It is situated in the community hall and also in the grounds of the walls around Solothurn. that was another occasion that Marcel never really enjoyed – too many people and too much noise. I am quite comfortable wheeling around in my chair. I grew up in London, in the middle of it, Bethnal Green – about half an hours walk to the Tower of London, so there was always plenty going on. When I lived in Zürich for a couple of years, I always went to the Sechseläute, which was quite fascinating for me.

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      • Thank you for sharing. I always am fascinated at hiw different people are reacting to events. I don’t like crowds too big but some events or happenings are large and I then go with the flow. The Sechseläuten is typically one of those. Very early on ppl of my family chose to watch it on tv, which we never got. So, it was ´go and hope to survive ´ or stay at home. Earlier times allowed the Cervilat Brätlete at the end of the burning of the Bögg, but that won’t be the case now.


  3. It look something like exhibits of a County Fair. I miss what County Fairs used to be. Many years ago, I went to one where my Pa lives in Kitsap County in Washington. It was rad. They are not like that here anymore.

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