Good Morning


Yes. I am still amongst the land of the living, although I do not have so much time this morning. On Tuesday morning my cleaning lady was here and I had a few other things to deal with so there was no Good Morning greeting on my side of the world, although I did manage to write a few words in the afternoon.

Wednesday was not very good for me. I stopped hugging the bed in the morning and had a giddiness attack together with a stomach upset and feeling generally bad. I stayed in bed most of the morning  and eventually pulled myself together as I had a lunch to cook. Luckily it cleared up by lunch time. I had to go shopping in the afternoon which went OK,  but I decided to take a  big take five for the rest of the day and neglected my computer completely. I was feeling OK again, but not quite 100%. I then realised that without me my family would be lost for food, so I have now stocked up in the cupboard with micro wave stuff: just add water and cook for a few minutes, so at least they would not starve. My No. 1 son can always go into town for a quick meal and Mr. Swiss is not a big eater.

This morning I have managed to do all the housework and have half an hour to spare before getting ready to take Mr. Swiss to the eye doctor for his last control. He now has two new eyes, and sees everything. After today’s visit I can take it easy again and no more chauffeur work.

Naturally my photo input has suffered in the meanwhile.


Tbis brave little mint plant decided to flower. I am no really keen on mint growing in the garden, although I add it to vegetables now and gain, but they spread and like to take over.


And how’s this for a sunset on Tuesday evening. Seems that the sky gods decided to turn on a show and I couldn’t resist a photo.

And now I must dress in something respectable for my journey with Mr. Swiss to the eye doctor. Have good time this morning and will cook lunch when I return.

Have a good day, hope to see you later.