RDP Tuesday: Scrap

House Renovation

Joe walked passed the house every day, he could not forget it and it was on the way to his bus stop. He lived there for many years and was glad to be able to sell it. After his wife left him he no longer had a reason to live in such a large house: too many memories would haunt him. There were good times and also bad times, like in any life.

He had moved into an apartment, not too far from the old house. Old habits die hard and there were some events he could not forget. He noticed that the new owners were having alternations done and every day the bricks and rubble was being piled into the container. He got a little nervous when he recognised part of the wall from the cellar. The new owners wanted to enlarge the cellar for an exercise room and found it strange that when they began to break down part of the wall it was not part of the original plan of the house, but had been added.

It was when they found the decomposed body of Joe’s ex wife in the extension packed in a bin bag that they called the police. She still had the nylon stocking wrapped around her neck with which he had strangled her. And now Joe no longer had to take a daily walk. The only walks he took were in the prison yard for exercise.

RDP Tuesday: Scrap

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