FOWC with Fandango: Surmount

Me in Wheelchair 21.05.2018

I was always the one that fell down the stairs. I was always the one that took a step in the wrong direction. That I survived in one piece until I became 60 years old was a miracle I suppose. It was then the problems began. Once you were down you could not get up again on your own power. It needed help, with a chair perhaps or something to hold onto. It was when it happened on a walk in the country and we had to call a taxi to pick me up and bring me to the hospital that things began to get serious. I was lucky enough to have a taxi driver that had first aid knowledge, he knew how to pick me up, seat me in the taxi and we were off to the hospital. Mr. Swiss followed later as he got our car in the meanwhile and some money. We met at the hospital. Luckily there was nothing broken and I just needed some rest.

The next day to the doc, and she sent me to the neurologist as she had suspicions for some time that something, somewhere was wrong. After numerous special examinations by special x-ray machines and eventually a lumbar puncture I was waiting for the result from my neurologist. I got impatient and phoned him and told him that this was all going in the direction of MS which he had to confirm and a week later I was in the surgery for the final results. My first reaction to him was “well it isn’t a death sentence”. It seems that this Damocles Sword had been hanging around my body for at least 30 years: my various tumbles which were also a result of losing my balance all lead to this conclusion.

After having another fall in the garden and having to crawl back to the apartment on all fours, Mr. Swiss said something must be done. I said “yes” and ordered my electric wheelchair, I was always one for going the whole hog. I did not bother with medical insurances to finance it. I had a little nest egg for emergencies and this was an emergency. Of course my insurance might have helped, perhaps a year later, but certainly not with the luxury of an electric chair. It would have been manual and I still wanted to go places and see things.

Now I had my chair and making the most of my problem, I packed my bag with my camera and was off to town, or to the local areas. I no longer had to balance on a fence or a tree, I could sit in the chair choose the lens I needed for the camera which I took with me and photography became a pleasure again and not an ordeal. And then there is the walker. I never wanted a walker, but now I love my walker. I can transport my computers, iPad and other various home necessities when at home. At the same time Mr. Swiss was not getting better with his health. He will be 80 this year and is not longer as mobile as he was and no longer drives a car. That was my next surmountable mobility problem, so I bought myself a car. In the meanwhile I had broken my left leg which had healed. I can only drive an automatic gear change, but this is no problem. Who needs a left foot when you have an automatic.

Now and again I might still lose my balance and have a fall, but for that I can call the local ambulance. It arrives and generally there is a nice strong guy to help me to my feet again, old enough to be my son of course. Once we called for help because I was stuck in the bath. I quickly put something on for decency’s sake and two men arrived, both in uniform. That was an honour of course, they were two from the local police force who help out at the hospital now and again. Since a year there have been no more accidents.

So I conquered my problems. Of course I would like to move like a spring lamb, hopping from here to there, but you have to make the most of what you have. I still do my housework, although somewhat slower. I now have a cleaning lady once a week for my bathroom, shower and kitchen. Of course it costs money. I was always someone that saved for a rainy day, and now I have the rainy days with storms in between. I am perhaps lucky, but I try to make the most of my situation.

And you should see me moving, it is really something not to be forgotten. I am sure Monty Python got the idea from me for his Ministry of Funny Walks.  I try to move unaided at home, it helps and I notice it strengthens my limbs. So if you have problems, never give up is my advice. Don’t let them tell you what to do, tell them what to do.

FOWC with Fandango: Surmount

RDP Monday: Marvel


Why does it always happen to me
Going to the store is as easy as can be
Today was the day when my coupons were ready
I stood at the till and was sure it would be steady
There were 70 francs worth of special points
My shopping added to 74 I was happy in my joints
The lady at the cash desk said today it would not work
The computer has a mistake, her face did bear a smirk
Only point cards for 5 francs each could be read at the desk
I only had two of them, now this was quite grotesque
And so I paid the sixty francs in cash, this was not good
Come again tomorrow she said, was this a likelihood?
The marvel was now gone, my purse is now so light
But I will be back again, and ready for a fight

RDP Monday: Marvel

Good Morning


A cloudy morning this morning, a little cool, but as long as I can sit in the kitchen with my computer, eat breakfast and enjoy the world through my open window, life is OK. Already September, it does not seem possible and another Autumn in my life. Yesterday late afternoon we even had claps of thunder, but there was no rain. I think the rain might arrive today.

I notice that there are all sorts of creepy crawlies trying to invade my home at the moment, probably searching for a nice nest for the approaching Winter days. I just had a sensation on the back of my neck, wiped my hand over it and knocked off a spider that luckily seemed to be half dead when it arrived on the floor, so I put it out of its misery.


Luckily it was not this one, although a similar size. The last sighting I had of it was when it was in the kitchen, but it decided to wedge itself behind the table leg just as I was preparing to move it to the great outdoors and it has not been seen since.


This flower is a sure sign of the coming days of Autumn. It is a rudbeckia lacianata, the taller sister of the normal black eyed susan. they begin to grow already in Spring and when Autumn arrives achieve the stately height of 1-2 meters. Their flowers are slightly bigger than the smaller version and the last thing to flower in my garden. Soon the hosta leaves will be turning yellow.

I had a little drama yesterday as our shower toilet lid decided to fall off and we discovered that after 22 years the holding screws had completely rusted through. We cannot really complain, it served its purpose, but I must sit on after my shower, being a little incapacitated with my MS. My first action today was to call our faithful plumber who said he will call by this morning with a new lid and fit it for us. I am glad, because no way can I today climb into the bath in the bathroom. One of the golden oldie problems I have. What a way to begin the week.

This afternoon I am off to the shops once again, although I am gradually reducing the amounts that I need. I have noticed that Mr. Swiss eats only the half of what he used to although No. 1 son eats everything. I just like a full plate, but second helpings are also no longer my thing so I have to do some rethinking. Today will be a cheap day as I have coupons in value of 70 Swiss francs from the store, so it will be freebies almost.

And I leave you with the present state of my buddleia. I spent an hour in the garden yesterday cutting off the spent flowers and now it only has a few left. All good things come to an end at some time.


And now it is time to move on after my action packed morning of organisation. Hope you have a good week ahead and take care, especially those of you in the path of Dorian, the newest arrival on the hurricane scene on the coast in the states.