RDP Saturday: Enthusiasm


These reeds settled in my garden two years ago, probably stray seeds from a neighbour. I decided to keep them and now they are the first signs of goodbye Summer, hello Autumn developing throughout the year. My actual enthusiasm is restricted to rising from the bed every morning with no added complications. I take it one at a time. I accept what happens and try to make the best out of it.

Summer is now saying a slow goodbye.


My last roses arrived as a pleasant suprise a couple of weeks ago and already they have wilted and are ready to leave the bush.


But there is always something to compensate and this morning I discovered these buds on another rose bush, on the last day of August, so it seems I will have a little added enthusiasm to see them open.

This is the positive side of enthusiasm. However, our local stores are also enthusiastic and although it is not really full Autumn yet, they are already preparing to increase the turnover.

Pumpkin Hotal H4 03.11.2018

Seeing something like this in the supermarket  yesterday made me think. Do we really already have to celebrate halloween end August, beginning September. Can we not wait until the time is ready when Autumn winds arrive and the leaves begin to fall. Switzerland is not even a country where halloween is a big celebration, although some time in October the kids have a procession with their carved pumpkins containing candles to light their way.


It goes further in the food department and you can already buy chestnuts prepared in a caramel sauce: an Autumn food delight.


And let us not forget the cranberries to garnish it all with a touch of fruit.

I am convinced that at the end of September we will already have the Christmas tent outside the supermarket filled with decorations and plastic Christmas trees.  Being enthusiastic is one thing, but you can overdo it.

Christmas Ornaments

RDP Saturday: Enthusiasm

15 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Enthusiasm

  1. Bettag (formerly Dank- Buss- und Bettag) is very early this year (3rd Sunday of Sept) and although it’s mostly not heavily celebrated, you still have to to have the stuff re@dy…. it’s a business opportunity not to be missed.

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      • That is the Remembrance Day , 1st day in November. The one in Sept is the Swiss Thanksgiving, when ppl thanked God for his blessings, the crops, and protection. Sadly, not much is left. We have become a people of little thanksgiving. Sadly.

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  2. Nice photos. Is it wrong to enjoy the drooping petals on the roses as much as the newly discovered buds? I’ve never eaten a chestnut but in caramel sauce sounds like a good way to do it. I love cranberries and usually have them in juice, breads, or grated with carrots in green jello.

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    • I like to take interesting photos, and I found the wilted rose an interesting subject. We have all sorts of special food selections for Autumn. I drink half a glass of cranberry juice daily. It does wonders for the body’s water works.

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