FOWC with Fandango: Masterpiece


I once wrote a book, actually not exactly. I had been writing blogs for some time. I was then about 15 years younger and I was at home convalescing from some sort of problem. I was bored as I usually am when I do nothing. To occupy myself I decided to write a book, have something in print. I did it in self-publishing as I was sure that no company in their right mind would publish it. A masterpiece it was not, just a collection of some short stories I had written. It was even available in Amazon for a while, but I just had a check and it is no longer there.

My Book
I had it published by a German book editing company and over the years I believe I had even sold 2 copies. I was not in it for fame or fortune, but just to have something in print. I still have a couple of copies at home.

This was a so-called one off for me. Having a book published, I discovered, is not so easy. I read each story many times to make sure there were no mistakes, but I am sure there were some that slipped through.

I did not get a Nobel of Pulitzer prize. Our local book shop in town took a couple of copies and I even had them sold, but by a couple of friends I knew.


FOWC with Fandango: Masterpiece

17 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Masterpiece

    • Anything else that happens is pure luck. If I didn’t have friends, I doubt I’d sell any books and at one point I wondered if that were good or bad, but I decided that having friends who believe in me is more important than fame, fortune or prizes. ❤

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  1. I have maybe a dozen copies still at home and remarkably, 9 years later, it’s still “in print” and every few months (it used to be every month, but time and the river … ) I get a check for $1.40. Once, I got one for five cents. I didn’t know you could write checks for five cents. I’m pretty sure the check cost more than the amount on it. But it IS nice to be in print! Just so you know you did it. It may not be great art, but you wrote a book and published it and it is out there somewhere in the ether.

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    • Only probably only one or two people have actually read it probably. I have your book from Kindle and read it some time ago. It was quite amusing in places and the Israel parts were quite interesting.


  2. Wow Pat, but you actually wrote and published a book! That is absolutely breat, even though you only sold a few copies. I am impressed! I self published some of my poems, but not on Amazon. I hope to try that one day though.

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