RDP Friday: Emergency


I am confronted with emergencies daily, one of the reasons why I am still wide awake and ready to go. For example today’s lunch. Being a golden oldie housewife, I have nothing better to do that to time everything carefully. No. 1 son comes home for lunch around 12.30 and I like it to be ready and finished with the cooking.

I decided to cook one of these vegetables today. They have had them in the local store all week, and the time is coming for pumpkin and marrow eating. I do not know what you call these, but marrow is marrow so what difference does it make and it was too small to change into a Cinderella coach, so it was definitely not a pumpkin.

I got a delivery of cat food in the meanwhile by post which took about 20 minutes to unpack and sort out, but I still had time to cook my marrow, I thought. The first job was to cut it in half and removed the inside pits and whatever. I tried to cut it with a serrated bread knife, then I moved on to  a butchers knife and eventually used a smaller serrated knife which eventually worked. The outside skin was so hard I was debating whether I might need an automatic jigsaw to cut through it.


That was the first part of the operation, which took at least 15 minutes. The next part was to cut away the orange outside of the vegetable. This also proved to be a tough job. With one eye on the clock and the other on the knife in my hand I eventually managed to remove the outside skin. I then had to chop the whole creation into eatable pieces, debating whether it might have been easier to use an axe. At 11.50 I had completed the job and hoped that it would be cooked by lunch time. This had really developed into an emergency cook-in.

I heated up some butter and put the pieces into the pan,  stirred it around, added some spice and put the lid on it all. Five minutes later I did a test and discovered it was completely soft and almost ready to eat. What a surprise that was. I then had to be careful not to overcook it. 

And so at lunch time the meal was ready, with some frites and hamburger. I found this emergency gourd OK, Mr. Swiss found it should have more bite and son No. 1 eats everything, if it is not green.

RDP Friday: Emergency

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