RDP Thursday: Bush

Bush 24.05.2018

This is what I call a bush. They grow in gardens, sometimes just wild in the country or  along a river bank and many have pretty flowers.

We do not have water holes, but rivers and our insects keep themselves to themselves: perhaps a spider or a bug.


I just found this one crawling along my table outside and have no idea what it is. It’s a fast mover and you often see them late Summer and Autumn.

Our snakes usually go under the name of worm, so nothing to get worried about.

Otherwise I would love to visit the real Australian bush, but for me it just remains a dream.

RDP Thursday: Bush

15 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Bush

    • I was wondering myself. Our country life is very well organised, even the cows are not allowed to keep their horns, just a few exceptions. I was going to put the video of Tom Trauberts Blues on the blog, but somehow it did not seem so realistic as Waltzing Matilda with the Swagman, the Billabong and the Coolahbar tree. And who has a billy that you have to wait to boil today.

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    • That’s why I give them names like Fred and Joe. I am quite protective of insets really and let them live. I have a couple of exceptions like flies and a very quick beetle which I think is a stink beetle. It’s moth time again, the small ones that want to make a home in the food cupboards, and there I also know no mercy, it is them or me.


      • That’s how I felt about my wolf spider. He WAS going to bite. They aren’t poisonous, but they are very aggressive and not afraid of anything. And he was awfully big. Bigger than any of my finches! I also feel that way about ants. They want to take over and I have issues with that.

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