FOWC with Fandango: Written


“What are you writing.”

“Do not disturb,  I have to concentrate.”

“Show me.”

“I have only just started.”

“Perhaps I can help, you have been staring at your telephone for the last five minutes, but there has been no action. Let me have a look. It just says “shopping list” with a date, and even the date is wrong.”

“I know I have to alter it.”

“So what are you putting on the shopping list.”

“I have no idea, so don’t disturb me with your constant questions when I have to concentrate.”

“Our shopping list is on a cloud, so what I write you have as well, and I have added potatoes.”

“No way.”

“What have you done.”

“As you said, the list is on a cloud so I have removed potatoes. I do not need potatoes.”

“But I would like a potato salad.”

“Forget it, too much work.”

“Why can’t you write a list like anyone else on paper, like our mums and dads did.”

“Because I prefer to write it on my telephone.”

“But it would be much easier to just jot it down.”

“There is one problem, I cannot read my handwriting and it looks much neater.

FOWC with Fandango: Written

4 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Written

  1. oh dear. But I do like that ‘I want patato salad!’ Made me think immediately at what HH said today, after my FOUR suggestions for a meal: I’d like a tomato & tuna salad….. (toms were a part of ONE of the 4 proposals but tuna salad was NOT)…..

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