RDP Tuesday: Agitate

Goose 27.05 (1)

I got real life agitation this morning, and I think the agitator must have been a lookalike of this silly goose. It all began some time last March, or was it April. Difficult to say, it was so long ago. I was at the dentist with Mr. Swiss and decided it was time for me for a check up. It had been a long while, I had no toothache, not even dental problems, but today we are guided by the golden rule to have your teeth checked at least once a year. My dentist even told me I should report every 9 months, being diabetic etc. I asked for an appointment at that time and was surprised that the earliest opportunity would be in August. In the meanwhile much water has flowed under the bridge, although I had not forgotten the appointment, but when the date was made for Mr. Swiss eye operation end of August I checked on my dental appointment and discovered it would be exactly on that day.

I called the dentist to change the appointment. Each time I call I have a different person on the phone. The practice was orginally run by the father and he treated both myself and Mr. Swiss. He is now retired and his son has taken over, a very capable dentist and Mr. Swiss is one of his patients, looks like the VIP treatment. I was redirected to one of the assistants, also a very capable dentist. But who sees a dentist today. If you are in pain and lose a tooth etc. then you are a case for the dentist, otherwise your checkups are done by a dental hygiene person, which is usually a lady. It seems that dentists can fit you in in a month or so, but not the hygienists, the are fully booked out for at least 3 months.

This morning when I called to say my appointment would not be possible, the lady said I would have to wait at least 3-4 months for a new appointment. I bit into the sour apple and told her to give me a new date. I got the first Monday in December. Mondays are not possible for me and after a discussion she said 12th December at 3.00 in the afternoon. I asked the lady what has happened to the regular important checkups at the dentist. They no longer exist and I am now waiting for a very long time. Her answer: Sorry,  I have no time to discuss I have other patients, goodbye.

I was not only agitated but very much annoyed to be brushed off in that way by someone I would be old enough to be her grandmother. Needless to say Mr. Swiss will have a few earnest words with his dentist on the next visit. We have paid many thousands of Swiss Francs to have our teeth dealt with but for the silly goose on the telephone, this is not important.

RDP Tuesday: Agitate

2 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Agitate

  1. well, at least you have no toothache and you’re not even smoking! It’s annoying but it’s the same here in france, I got a ‘date’ with the opthalmologue 4 months from the date I called, our super duper dentist who I’d seriously would like to import to Switzerland once we’ll move back isn’t taking on any new patients for several years already and when I leave his ‘cabinet’, I already make another date with him one year later. There is one thing the French don’t do: Hygienists don’t exist. Why? I asked, and the simple reply is: The patients would have to pay for that by themselves, the very sophisticated French health system is not paying for those consultations, therefore no waiting times at all. If you are very lucky, you can ask your dentist to scrape your teeth clean at the same time or you quit smoking 🙂 😉

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    • Before our dentist had his new team of hygenists, everything worked much better. Now they can no longer see the forest (dentists) for the trees (hygenists). I no longer smoke, after 30 years but even Cola can colour your teeth, and I stopped drinking that about 5 years ago.

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