Good Morning


And it is a very wet morning and still raining. I even had to shelter my kalanchoe plant under the table as they do not like too much rain. It is a very quick hello this morning. My cleaning lady is here very busy and I have just finished freshening up my windows. They are not so dirty, just rain splashes everywhere.

My insurance man will be calling in half an hour as by law I have to make an insurance for my cleaning lady in case she has an accident whilst in my employment. I also just called my dentist. I made an appointment for a check in March and they could only give me an appointment for this month. In the meanwhile it is the day when Mr. Swiss will have his eye operation, so no chance that I have time for have my teeth cleaned and I called to postpone and she tells me I will have to wait another three months. I reminded her that this was slowly becoming a joke, as we are always told it is important to see the dentist at least once a year and I never get an appointment in time.

She became quite unfriendly to say the least and told me she must go as she has other patients to deal with and I got a new appointment for December. This is ridiculous and I was very annoyed at her attitude. Luckily my teeth seem to be OK, and all I need is good clean up and check.

And now I must begin to cook and am really pressed for time. See you later if things get a little less stressful.


In the meanwhile I will also bury my head to avoid things that are determined to bother me this morning.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. What is it about dentist’s offices? Ours retired and the women in the new office are quite impolite. In addition, they have our billing mixed up and don’t return calls. We’re thinking seriously about finding someone else.

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    • Our dental personnel are OK, but you have to get passed the witches at the desk before you see anyone. And the dentists only bother with the major problems it seems. Otherwise you just see the hygenist and wait for half a year until you go anywhere. I have mobility problems and the last time I visited no-one volunteered to help me with the stairs at the entrance.


  2. Have you considered a different dentist?

    Is Marcel having cataract surgery? If so, Garry had it and Tom had it and it’s easy and effective and rarely a problem. Don’t worry, that will be okay.

    I’d get a new dentist.

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    • It is a very good dentist and after 40 years we don’t want to change. Since the new Organisation it seems to have got complicated with their hygienist. The dentist used to do it all.


  3. My Pa was a member of a sailing club when I was a kid. He won several trophies in various races. There was a particular trophy that he seemed to be proud of, but probably should not have been. It was the ‘Association of Sloppy Sailors’ trophy, and was designated as such with the corresponding acronym (which I will not spell here). It was a plaque that hung on the wall, with a wooden sculpture of a back half of a duck protruding from it.

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