RDP Thursday: Grass

Horses 13.04 (2)

We are surrounded by grass and the horses love it, as well as the cows. We live in farming country. Perhaps you have grass in you own garden and  so you mow it to keep it tidy and curse because you have to mow it. That is the reason why our neighbours had their grass replaced by artificial grass – synthetic. It does not grow, does not die and is always green. I remember the guy next door being happy to get rid of his lawn mower – no more mowing.

We also had grass in our garden.

Laying the lawn<

It was a rolled lawn, bought by the meter, but even this died a long suffering death. The June weevils got it and devoured it from below. We were left with bare patches.

Back Garden

And so we had it replaced with this. Two raised beds resting on stones. I have MS and Mr. Swiss also has mobility problems. Now not a blade of grass to be seen anywhere and above all no more bending.

Hay harvest 08.07 (3)

We have a wild meadow outside our garden and once a year it is mowed down and serves for hay for the animals in Winter. Grass serves its purpose, but only in the right places.

Wild Meadow and Lilac

RDP Thursday: Grass

3 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Grass

  1. Ha!
    I wish I had pictures off a certain paved ‘lawn’, with a bronzed mower on a pedestal in the middle! It appeared just before I can remember, in front of a very well kept home in Santa Clara. It was very tacky, but most who saw it sort of appreciated it. Not only was it there for many years, but actually remained when the home was sold and a new family moved it! Wow! That is weird! Seriously, it was there from about 1970 until about 2010. I do not remember when it was taken away, but it is gone now. There is now a nice real lawn where all that pavement and bronzed mower had been. The house is still very well kept.


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