FOWC with Fandango: Newbie

English Telephone box Pintli restaurant Feldbrunnen

Learning new things every day
Being a golden oldie does not always pay
We have a new TV, don’t know how it works
It is so complicated, I feel like a bunch of jerks
In bygone days I switched it on and then I switched it off
A nob for the sound and picture, and now it is a scoff
Computer updates and iPhones happen every week
I try to understand, but am becoming an online freak
If you drop your iPhone you have to buy a new screen
Phones used to have a dial and the numbers could be seen
Age has now caught up with me, and I am now a newbie
Life has become a trial, and gives no longer glee

FOWC with Fandango: Newbie

19 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Newbie

  1. Oh my! Do I rekate to this Pat. I LONG for a TV that you just turn on and off, with another button for sound. We will never see that again. Yes, and ohines too! Am with you alk the way!

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    • I gave up with TV long ago. the only programme I bother to watch is East Enders. Now that Mr.Swiss is no longer my support (with 80 years it can be quite overwhelming), I am having to learn it all myself.

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      • I understand. I don’t watch television either because I can’t see it, being blind. And the sound nowadays is always so loud and brash. It hurts my head and ears! But I might listen the the News or Documentaries if I could work the damned thing. Of coyrse, now that they are so complicated a blind person diesn’t have a chance!

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  2. Pat, what is frustrating when you have to have multiple remotes that have so many buttons on them and you have to know which buttons to push on which remotes to make it do what you want it to do. I tried buying a “universal remote” that supposedly would control everything, but when I got it home and opened the instructions, they were in very tiny print and so complicated I gave up. Now I have 3 remotes: one for the TV, one for the DVD, and one for the speakers. Maybe they will find a way to link an Alexis kind of device to the electronics where you can just tell Alexis to do it wirelessly. Then of course the price you pay is Alexis eavesdrops (and records I’m sure) everything that is said in the house.

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    • As soon as we start to talk DVD I switch off. I never did get the hang of that machine. I just have nothing more to do with TV. I prefer to read on my Kindle where I just have to press a page. I understand the computer, but please no TV. We have so many remotes I have no idea for what they are all for.

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  3. Pat–there is no way your a newbie! You do terrific with your camera, car and all your electronics. I don’t make lists on the cloud. That amazes when you say you do that. Who needs TV anyway!

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  4. TV’s have got way more complicated. Mine is not the latest but I have a little box for streaming and a DVD/VCR so several remotes but it’s not overcomplicated to use. I’m sure a “smart TV” would be a lot worse. My mum could never work out how to record on a VCR, David could not get the hang of timed recordings either on the VCR or our pay-TV box. He loved TV so I usually just did it for him. It’s mobile phones that defeat me. My smartphone is a lot smarter than me.

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    • Mr. Swiss was the expert on DVD and time recording and I just left him to it. Now even he, with his advancing years, no longer can do it as well, but at least he has the basics which I do not have. I have no problem with my smartphone and love it, whereas I have to help Mr. Swiss with various problems. Even our online banking system now does it with pictures to scan on the mobile phone to get the entry code. It is supposed to be safer, and probably is, but very difficult if you are one of those golden oldies that does not have a steady hand. I spoke to the bank guy about it and how the older you get the more problems you can have He found I had a good point, but it is a safer system than sending codes with SMS. I have never had a big problem with it, but Mr. Swiss has been locked out of his bank account a couple of times.


        • My iPhone has become my lifeline. It is full of reminders for my meds and stuff to shop. i always have it near. The problem is that a lot of my indoor clothes do not have pockets and I have not yet found a convenient holder


          • Same here, I don’t really like my phone in a back pocket and some of my clothes don’t have a convenient spot to keep a phone which is why it is often in my handbag or on top of the fridge if I’m at home.


  5. i recently bought a new television. It was described as being a “smart TV”, an oxymoron if ever I heard one!

    Unfortunatelky, it took me three days to get it to work, even after calling the manufacturer’s customer help service.

    I called the cable provider, and they made an appointment for their guy to come over and help me get a picture. Literally minutes before he arrived, I took a new look at the instructions, had an epiphany: Did I plug the one cable into the right port? Who knows? They mold the identifications into black plastic in tghe world’s smallest print!

    I blindly replugged the HDM1 cable into the port next to it, and, voila!, I had a picture! Yes, I’d plugged it into the HDM2 port.

    Never mind. I have no idea what either is, just that if I want a picture, I need to fumble around till I plug things into the right port. Only took me three days to get to use my new smart TV.

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    • Since we got our new TV the guy from the shop is a permanent visitor. Mr. Swiss found the old TV much better, but you have to move with the times. He now has rhe hang of it after two months of uttering profanities. All I ever do is switch it off, I have no idea how it should work.


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