RDP Wednesday: Fortuitous


A fortuitous event in my life, many years ago, about 20 I suppose as I already had my grey hair in the photo. It was the Christmas celebration in the company that I worked for as an export clerk. During the year we could make suggestions for company improvements. It was so long ago, I cannot really remember how it functioned. I think we wrote our idea down and submitted it in a box. I had many ideas, nothing ventured nothing gained was my motto  and so I would submit my revolutionary ideas.

The only one I can remember was to turn the spare land next to our company into a nature paradise with water features and perhaps even spare parts to be planted by company employees as an allotment area. At the end of the year there would be a first, second and third prize. The suggestions were all in a bag and the winning ideas were presented by selecting the papers from the bag.

The third and second prize was at first chosen and naturally it was all building up to the first prize and yes, it happened to me. I won the amount of one thousand Swiss Francs for one of my suggestions in cash. That was really a Christmas to remember. Which suggestion it was that was chosen from the many I submitted I do not know. I always like to think it was the one with the nature reserve, although it was decided that would not be so possible and the land had been reserved for perhaps a company extension one day.

RDP Wednesday: Fortuitous

7 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Fortuitous

  1. Made me laugh! I once received the first prize for a recipe which I conceived at the typewriter on the spot! (yes, it’s that long ago, the participants sent in their propositions on a paper!) It was a Bretzeleisen and I was terribly proud of it, until I gave it away….

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  2. Hello from Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Love everything that you write – you’re a wonderful storyteller! I most especially love all your stories about your early days growing up in the East End of London (my favourite city of all). Thank you for sharing your memories & stories! Beatrice

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