Good Morning


Not this mornings clouds, because we have none, just a clear blue sky. A nice expectation for the day, but just plain blue shows no action, so here are some clouds in the late afternoon with a bit more excitement.


And look how my garden is now nice and tidy. The gardeners did a great job yesterday with the hedges and also cleared all the unwanted growths between the stones and the plants. I am not hoping this will last until the beginning of Autumn through to Winter. It was quite an action packed day yesterday with cleaning lady and gardeners and I decided to spend it at home during the afternoon to relax from the excitement.


At the moment it seems to be fly time. During the Summer I did not have so many, but I am being bombarded at the moment. However, now and again, something more colourful arrives worth a photo like this little bluebottle, although it is more green than blue. He was outside on the patio. The slugs and snails have now disappeared for the time being, but I am sure they will return.


One of the nicer insects are the bees and if I am lucky I manage to catch one as it helps itself to whatever it needs in my black eyed susans.

Today I will be off shopping in the afternoon. Tomorrow is a day’s holiday in our catholic Kanton in Switzerland for Asumption Day, although I have a holiday every day being a golden oldie. I might go for a wheelie tomorrow and there might be some ation at the local cemetery. My only excitement is shopping and doctor visits for myself or Mr. Swiss otherwise.


Everything for the working population seems to be having its normal routine again. The kids are back to school and there will be a little more traffic on the road as I drive past the high school with parents bringing and picking up their kids, and the busses that like to block the road.

We just read that the post in the village where my supermarket is, will be closing and shifted to the shopping mall. I am glad as when I might have post to deal with, it will be easier for me. Mr Swiss just said that everything changes today. I reminded him that the younger generation are accustomed to change and we oldies just have to get used to it. The computer world is always making so-called improvements, and I have managed to keep up with them at to now, but I noticed that the 8 year age difference between me and Mr. Swiss tends to give him problems in that direction.

And as my action packed day has nothing more to offer I will make my way to the general cleaning operations in the apartment and the shower of course. Have a good day everyone, enjoy. Even my roses have decided to throw out some new buds.


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