Good Morning


It has been quite a busy morning. First of all I heard the noise of machines outside and my gardener arrived. I called him last week and he said he would come along this week. I need no further discussion. He knows where I live and as access to my garden through the path. It was necessary to cut my hedges as they were growing quite wild. Living on an estate people tend to see what the others have for organisation otherwise word soon gets around that Mrs. Angloswiss has untidy hedges.


As you can see there was quite a bit of hedge material removed and they are now busy  tidying it away.


Two guys arrived and were busy all morning, but they did quite a good job.

My cleaning lady also arrived, so I felt like the lady of the manor this morning with so many servants arriving to look after my needs.

I was busy this morning organising a few documents for the cleaning lady. She has been employed by me for a couple of years and now our authorities want to make it official. I was not sure what she had organised on her side but now it is all sorted. I phoned our local office and they were very helpful and said I had time to complete their document until end of the year. I also had to organised an insurance for her. You never know if she falls from a ladder when cleaning, so I also contacted my insurance man and that is also being dealt with.


Again I am a bit short on time this morning. Whilst dealing with my various servants I had to begin cooking lunch. Unfortunately I have not yet employed a cook, perhaps I might even do that one day.

This afternoon I have nothing planned up to now. And now I am off, so have a good day everyone. It’s a bit short and sweet this morning.


11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. The rudbekias made me smile – I honestly also would like to have gardeners and a cleaning lady, but maybe not a cook, at my disposal, but I’m not jealous, I’m just smiling 😉 Bon appétit

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    • We have very pleasant weather at the moment. I especially enjoy the cool breeze we get during the day. I am just writing my good morning for today, with a photo of the rising sun and a background of blue.
      I still need a cook to complete the daily tasks, although Mr. Swiss no longer eats so much and I see to be cooking for just my son and me. The body certainly alters its needs as you get older, and he is now an elderly gentlemen with all the problems.


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