FunFun Foto Challenge: Trees

Trees 20.06.2019

These grow next door to our estate in the garden of one of those villas. I am not sure if they are really trees or Ents from the Lord of the Rings Saga by Tolkien. Perhaps they might pull up their roots and start to walk.

Tree, Baselstrasse farm 20.04.2019

I am not so sure about this one, it seems to want to spread its arms.

River Aar 19.03.2019

I think this is a so-called weeping willow.

Fun Photo Challenge: Trees

15 thoughts on “FunFun Foto Challenge: Trees

  1. Oh, that second one looks rather bad.
    The third one really is a weeping willow, Salix babylonica. There is one here, and I grew two copies of it. I really do not know what to do with the copies.


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