RDP Wednesday: Fear


There he was perched high on a flower branch and looking at me. Was he preparing to attack? This was fear so I decided to retire indoors, with the window open and see how the situation develops. Many years ago I was at the local swimming pool(s) with the kids in summer and yes, I sat on a wasp, or was it a bee? It was wearing a striped pullover and I think it was a bee. It was my first and only sting. It was as if I had sat on a piece of sharp glass. I think the bee died afterwards, it looked as helpless as I did. I was treated at the first aid station and forgot about the whole thing afterwards.

Otherwise no fear here. Since I seriously began to drive a car in January, I can do it all. Eight months back on the road with all the complications. Suddenly the road is being repaired and you have to thread into a one way stream. Parking the car in narrow spaces is still something I like to avoid, but even that works. As a golden oldie fear no longer really exists, they are more daily challenges to be overcome.

RDP Wednesday: Fear

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