FOTD 4th August 2019: Amaryllis


My white amaryllis from last Christmas. I so love the white ones, something special. That is why I still have it in its own pot outside on the porch. It has grown a few leaves. Later this year I am hoping it will grow again with a new flower.  I never throw away my amaryllis, but keep them for the next year. It usually works quite well.

FOTD 4th August 2019: Amaryllis

7 thoughts on “FOTD 4th August 2019: Amaryllis

  1. Those flowers are truly spectacular. Never tried to grow one. I’m out of windows with light and there’s nowhere to put anything. So I’m waiting for my orchids to bud and the return of my Christmas Cactus!

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    • They alwayls have amaryllis around Christmas in the store and I usually buy one. Generally you throw them away afterwards, but over the last couple of years I discovered how you can keep them and they flower again. I am hoping this white one will flower this year. I have two orchids, and they are still full in flower. My Christmas cactus died, but I want a red one again. They seem to be more sturday than the pink ones.


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