8 thoughts on “FOTD 3rd August 2019: Poinsettia

  1. Hello Pat. Grand. Yes they can get really large here in Florida if you want to keep them year round. We have had some as large as a hedge or dwarf tree. I put a stop to it so we only have then at Christmas and in pots. When they out grow the pots they have to go. Hugs

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  2. Technically, they bloom in season, just after Christmas. However, their bracts can last for months, until they are replaced by green leaves. In Southern California, they may hold some of their color until they bloom again.

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  3. My most memorable intake of all about poinsettias was a visit of Israel with a girlfriend. We took a 2 day discovery tour by bus to visit, amongst other interesting sights, Jerusalem. The bus stopped for a reason I have forgotten and we walked through town and marvelled at the ‘poinsettia trees’ in the gardens. They were some 5m high and full of flowers in red, pink, sort of striped, the ‘shrubs/trees’ quite scragely, not beautiful, but so impressive. The trip was in the first days of November!

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