RDP Friday: Transition


He was perfect for the job.  The kids at the circus loved him. He would pick them up with no problem, although the parents were a little worried that he might drop them, but it never happened. When they erected the circus tent he was ideal for heaving the long poles into position. His mother was always worried since it happened.

The factory was the main work place for everyone in town. No-one really knew what they were producing, something to do with fertiliser for making plants bigger and better.  It was the place where the sunflowers were as tall as the houses. It was after the accident happened that Jeremy had problems. He was out in the garden when the cloud arrived. The only one in town, as the others were all watching the match on the TV, but he was never interested in football.

And the next day he was getting ready for school.

“Come on Jeremy you will be late”

“Got a problem mum. My trousers are too short. They look silly.”

“Stop making up stories Jeremy, just because it’s sports day and you don’t like playing games.”

“No mum I mean it.”

And that was the day when Jeremy began to grow. Actually it was only his legs, the rest remained the same.

Eventually he even had to leave the circus, he loved the job, but they were having problems with organising a caravan for him. They had joined two together, but even that was not long enough to accommodate his legs when he laid down to sleep at night.

But for everyone there is a solution. Jeremy always loved animals and now he is working in the zoo. He is responsible for the giraffes.

RDP Friday: Transition

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