RDP Thursday: Dinkum

The Swiss national sausage, the cervelat

These are cervelat. A genuine Swiss sausage. You can eat them cold or hot, but first of all you have to remove the skin. This is an older photo from 2008, but they still look the same. Today they consist of a mixture of beef,  bacon and pork rind.

My No. 2 son once worked in Belgium for a couple of years and what did he miss most of all, the Swiss cevelat of course. U das isch alles ig ha zu säge über dr cervelat. Mir schwyzer hai au user eigene Wörter. Excusez Fehler in Schwyzertütsch. It’s a dinkum sausage.

We Swiss even sing songs about our national sausage, what could be more dinkum than that.

RDP Thursday: Dinkum

9 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Dinkum

  1. Every country is proud of its own sausage. One of my favourite episodes of “Yes Minister” was the one where Jim Hacker went to bat for “the British Sausage” and ended up as Prime Minister.

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