RDP Wednesday: Nostalgia

Me around 6 years old
A bow in my hair
Hand on a dolls house
Neat little socks
Feet so small like a mouse
And look at the dress
Such a pretty puff sleeve
Curls in the hair
Can I really believe
A trip to the photographer
A clean shiny face
Mum scrubbed it so well
Of dirt was no trace
I was not very happy
I wanted to play
The dolls house an ornament
To brighten up the day
Now there is no mum
Dad joined her in the fold
My hair is now grey
I have become quite old
But the memories are there
of that day long ago
When mum dressed me up
And in my hair put a bow

RDP Wednesday: Nostalgia

12 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Nostalgia

    • I think eveyone in the East End as a kid went to Griffiths in Bow for their photo. My cousins, twin boys, also have their photo, but they had a car and not a doll’s house. They are both now a year younger than me.

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