Good Morning


A cloudy morning, but after the rain yesterday evening it is still clearing a little. I noticed it was getting darker in the evening and then the heavens opened and let it go. Before it started I was just thinking I should really water the garden and was not unhappy when I noticed that nature decided to do it all for me. I am so glad the weather has cooled down.

Yesterday I visited my neurologist. As I really only have one date with him during the year it is quite an event. I could try lots of new things out. For a golden oldie these are the highlights of the year. My first adventure was parking in the central park house. It is all underground with three floors and by experience I always choose the lowest floor. It is usually the one with less cars and I have a nice choice to park and do not have to fit my car in a space between the others. I could even drive a little back and forth until it looked like a professional car driver had parked the car.

After unloading my walker from the car boot my next task was to examine my park card to see how much money it still had. I inherited it from Mr. Swiss a year ago and he had no idea. I checked on the machine and saw it had practically nothing, meaning I would only leave the parkhouse with difficulty and so I prepared to upload the card: another first experience. Luckily a lady passed me and asked if she could help. Of course she could, but I soon got the idea and uploaded from my post account card 50 Swiss Francs. Mr. Swiss found when I told him that that would probably last me for the next 10 years.

And now to hobble with the walker to the doc. I took my time and eventually arrived. I even managed to conquer the steps to the building where the surgery was. He even recognised me again after a year.  He did all the usual checks and found everything unaltered. I told him that it was quite an adventure to actually arrive at his practice and he said it would be no problem to pay a home visit. What a wonderful offer. It was a day of positive surprises. Even his receptionist accompanied me to the exit to help with my walker. I can go up stairs with it OK, but decending is a little difficult.

When I eventually arrived home Mr. Swiss decided, probably based on my bravery to go to town on my own steam, to take a walk with his walker. Poor man is really home bound and it would really be the first time, just a little walk around the block. When he returned, based on my new experience with the town park house, we decided now and again to go together in town just for a coffee/drink in an outside restaurant for an hour or so. It would be like old times again where we would go out together. I really do not care if we will be two golden oldies with our walkers, and I am sure it would be fun.

We also planned a trip up the hill to the castle in our village. There are plenty of benches on the way for a rest. It is really the little things in life that make it special.


So what else did I do yesterday. I took a few photos in the garden. I really love these cone flowers. My gardener organised a few groups of these and they are so good for the photography with their details, especially if a bee happens to make a tank stop.

Today I will be off shopping in the afternoon. Tomorrow is a National holiday for the Swiss Day, something like 4th July. Many families like to celebrate with a b-b-que and a party. There will be a children’s procession in town with lanterns with a Swiss flag design and in the evening a firework display on the old walls of the town. We have not planned anything special. I might take a wheelie into town in the afternoon if the weather is good.


On the mountain slopes as above (just behind our village – photo from yesterday evening with my zoom lens) fires will be burning in the evening.

Have a good day everyone and really make the most of it –  wise words from a golden oldie who has been there and done it all, well almost.


8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning. It is better to actually be here as the sun is coming up instead of the middle of the night. I still must work on sleeping better. Your cone flowers are pretty cool. I find that they are easier than zinnias, and zinnias are supposed to be pretty easy.

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  2. Good to hear Mr Swiss is taking the plunge and using his walker. Hope you get to the cafe and have a lovely trip out together 😃

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