Good Morning


First a quick look at the sky this morning with its little (cumulus) clouds on their way. At least I think they a cumulus, but they all seems to be cumulus more or less. Am a little later this morning, but my cleaning lady is here and busy and I was supporting with polishing up the windows. They seem to remain quite clean in this summer weather and I have a good cloth for giving them a brush up.


I have fly swatters in every room at the moment as it really seems the time for the pests, although not so many as other years. This morning I saw this grasshopper sitting on one of them in the kitchen, at least I think it is a grasshopper. So I took the fly swatter with grasshopper and gave it a shake outside, but it really did not want to go. Eventually I gave it a push and it landed on the ground. I hope it has now found its colleagues somewhere.

This afternoon I am off to my neurologist for my annual permission for application of my very expensive injection material for my MS. We see each other one really once a year, so I am hoping he remembers me. He said with my special parking permission I can actually drive into town to the front door of the practice and park the car there, but no thank you. I prefer to park in the parking house and walk with my walker. I am not keen on driving through those narrow alleys and going through the archway to get there.


You can see it on the right of the photo. It is quite narrow, but wide enough for a car. The main problem is going up the two steps to the practice with my walker, but I managed to survive the last time. At least the weather is behaving today with a nice cooling breeze.

And now I am on my way to serve dinner and have a nice relaxing snooze after dinner. I will call in later again and hope you all have a good day/night.




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