Good Morning


After a Sunday full of rain and it really rained all day, this morning I was greeted with blue skies and clouds still hanging on the tops of the Jura mountain range. The sun had returned, temperatures were just right and it looks like it will be a perfect day weather-wise. Everything else is just a side dish.


I heard a few buzzy noises coming from my mullein and had a closer look.  It was being attacked by the local bees doing what bees usually do in the flowers. I managed to capture these two, but they never stay in the same place too long for my camera. I had never had a mullein in my garden before. Some may even classify them as weed, but I am glad to have this one. It is really a magnet for flying buzzers.


The same goes for my buddleia which is a magnet for butterflies, although at the moment we only have small tortoiseshell butterflies settling on the branches.

I am really becoming interested in all this wild life stuff. Mr. Swiss produced a very nice book about butterflies and moths with many illustrations and I have decided to go further and organise a book about European wild plants. I found the one I would like in Amazon. Such books are better as a book and not a Kindle, but they have their price. The one I found would be almost 150 Swiss Francs, but looks good with its 700 illustrations. Mr. Swiss even offered to pay half, but at the same time he has decided he would like a book about European insects, which would also interest me. We are becoming specialists in our golden oldie years.

It also seems the time of the year that the insects have decided to discover what indoor life looks like with the humans. I am finding a few stray bugs in my apartment. Yesterday morning as I awoke I saw a long legged shape looking down at me from the ceiling and yesterday there was a  cricket hopping around on the floor of my living room. Mr. Swiss put the cricket back in the outside world where it belongs. After he disappeared to bed I was also preparing to go and discovered another cricket taking a walk in the kitchen. I followed Mr. Swiss example and removed it also to the garden by picking it up carefully with the help of some kitchen paper. I am becoming the David Attenborough of the plant and insect world I think making discoveries everywhere.


Today I will again be venturing to the store to replenish the food supplies. Since the weather has again normalised itself with better temperatures, we are eating again. It is my job to keep everyone happy with the menu plan and its variations. Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon are the shopping excursions and the other afternoons I might be off on a journey somewhere.

I wish you all a good week, no stress and pleasant weather. See you around some time


I met a friendly crow in town last week who obliged with a few photos.

3 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It’s official. This has been the hottest month of July ever recorded in this state. Not only by day, but also at night. It hasn’t cooled down much at night. Today i gave in and turned the A/C up. I know it uses a lot of electricity, but when i got up this morning, the house was so hot and humid, it was really bad. The dogs were all lying on the hard floor because it’s cooler down there and I was having trouble breathing. I said, “Okay, that’s IT.”

    No one is going outside if they can help it. It’s not just hot. It’s really super humid. Whatever usually passes for air doesn’t feel like air. That’s why there are no pictures. I haven’t been outside. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so I’ll have to go out, but A/C car to A/C doctor’s office then home again. Hopefully, the heat wave will break in a few days.

    Isn’t it lucky that there’s no climate change? I’d hate to see what the weather would be like WITH climate change.

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    • It was the same here. There were temperatures recorded at record levels all over Europe. Climate change? Fake news. Not so humid here as there was no rain. My roses in the garden did not last long, they just shriveled in the heat and I had to cover up some herbs, their leaves got burnt.


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