FOWC with Fandango: House


Can you see her? Just a photo of a group of houses in an area on the edge of town which is known for the old stately houses in the hands of the same families for many years: the original wealtha town dwellers from the industrial age.

I was wheeling through in my chair, taking a few photos and had the distinct feeling that I was being watched. Do you see the pointed black roof spire on the house on the right in the photo. I had a feeling that something was following every move I made. I decided to return this week, but this time I took a closer look at this spire.


And there she was sitting at the window supporting her head in her hand. Was it a ghost, frozen in time? Perhaps a figure from the past lost in the new surroundings and trying to figure it out. Who knows? Perhaps it was just a figment of my imagination. Some houses have their own secrets.

FOWC with Fandango: House

RDP Sunday: Reflection

Reflection 20.06.2019

Even wheeling along in a wheelchair has its perks. You can take a photo of the reflection in the side mirror, although the mirror is also there for a purpose. Bicycles often share the same paths as wheelchairs and they are very silent until you here the clingaling of a bell coming up behind you, meaning move over. This reflection just shows the barrier for crossing the rail tracks.

RDP Sunday: Reflection

Good Morning


It’s raining again, thank goodness. Not even any thunder, just plain old rain and temperatures back to normal for this time of the year. Are the heat days gone? I hope so, you can really have too much of a good thing. I think it rained most of the night as I could hear it outside my window.


I decided to go for a wheelie in my chair yesterday afternoon into town and it seems that the public were also now venturing out into the fresh air, those that have not escaped to the cooler parts or on holiday. I was glad to get out and see something different than my four walls.

I was also in my financial office again yesterday with a form to complete for my autistic son. Again I had to search for various numbers so that he could complete it. I really do not see why the bank could not get the information they needed from his account details. Luckily one of the advantages with an autist at home is that he has order. He organises everything exactly and he found the information we needed quite quickly. Today it looks like it will be a rainy Sunday so we will have time to complete the details.


I noticed yesterday that my buddleia bush in the garden was living up to its name as a butterfly bush. There were many tortoiseshell butterflies on the flowers. If only they would open their wings for a full photo of their colours.

Mr. Swiss found a book we had on butterflies and moths yesterday, full of photos and descriptions, so now I can learn a bit more. Now all I need is a book with various plants and I will be happy. I seem to be developing all types of new interests with my golden oldie years. I like learning new things, it is never too late.


On my way home from town I wheeled along the river bank and saw that the mullein plants were growing here and there. for the first time this year I have one in my garden, so now I know what they are. They grow quite tall and seem to throw their seeds everywhere.


As I was leaving town I noticed the clouds were gathering over our Röti Bridge. It is the newest of our bridges. I remember when they replaced the old bridge about 20 years ago. The new bridge was built parallel to the old one to ensure that the traffic could still flow. It is quite a good bridge. The top level is reserved for traffic and also pedestrians, and is one of the main routes for those living around Solothurn as it leads to the main railway station. Below the traffic route there is a bridge reserved only for pedestrians and bicycles which I find very good. It is one of the main routes I take when wheeling home.


Ducks are not so many at the moment on the river, just one or two and the swans seemed to have disappeared. They are probably busy bringing up the cygnets. I still find it a novelty to live amongst so much wild life and wild flowers. Even the harvesting season and crops growing are still something special for me. When you grow up in a town like London the first 20 years of your life, you appreciate the wide open countryside.


As I was preparing to go to bed yesterday evening I discovered this little guy taking a walk on the living room floor. Once I might have sent him back to the insect rainbow bridge, but I let him make his way. He was just a little too big to pick up and put outside. I think it was a cricket that had taken the wrong turning in the garden. He is still probably moving around somewhere, but I have not seen him yet this morning. Must remind myself to get a book about insects.

And now to move on. I have a veal ragout I want to start cooking for lunch and the normal routine. Enjoy the day, make the most of it.


Here is a rose greeting from a bush that grows next to one of our local railway stations which I always see as I wheel into town.