RDP Saturday: Change

Train entering Bern Station (Solothurn-Bern line)

A change is something we all might need from time to time, I know I do. I got married 50 years ago and since then I was the housewife and eventually went back to work. Of course there was a bit more to it. The household was organised and the kids had to be organised as they were still at school, but I did it.

Now we are talking 50 years later, 50 years of age creeping up on both of us with our various health problems. Mr. Swiss will be 80 years old this year and is now feeling his age. He would not be able to go on longer journeys, it would be too strenuous for him.

Despite the fact that I have MS my brain still functions, at least I think it does. My body does its best but there are so many ways of assistance today, you just have to discover it yourself and take advantage of the possibilities. I am now regularly back on the road behind the wheel of my own car, first step of independence again.   I have an electric wheelchair for excursions locally and a walker for moving on my own two legs from place to place. I should be satisfied, and I am basically but I had one of my bright ideas this week.

Why not go a little further. My son was in Bern in week for an afternoon, just a direct train ride from where I live in Solothurn, 40 kilometers. I could drive there but am not happy about town traffic, especially when I do not know the town so well.  I would so love to visit the new bear enclosure on the banks of the river in Bern. And so I got to thinking about doing it again.  Going to the local station getting the train and just spending a while in Bern (with my camera of course). And then I got to the extension. We have coach companies in our local town, so why not go a little further. I would go places and see things. At the moment the only little problem I would have would be that longer distances mean rising at 6.00 in the morning to get to the departure place of the coach, but there are many alternatives and I would be back again in the early evening.

Yes I want to got places and see things before all I see is the roots of the daisies from the wrong side up. At the age of 73 I have decided to change things a little.

Interesting scultures on government building in Bern

RDP Saturday: Change

15 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Change

    • But this will not be happening tomorrow. I have a visit to the neurologist next week and that will be advanture enough to get up the steps to his surgery.


  1. Congrats on your new achievement! You are amazing. I’m learning from you to enjoy what life can offer me. And also you mentioned 50 years of marriage. Now, that’s something great. I have been absent so much time absent that maybe you have mentioned that before but for me is news. Congrats again!

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    • We celebrated on 4th February, so it is now half a year longer. I can do the housework and the cooking and the laundry and I noticed when my No. 1 son was on holiday I got on quite well. I also manage the shopping and am now so glad that I have my car. Mr. Swiss is unfortunately now semi invalide although he can still manage a few things.

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  2. I was just thinking it’s about time I get out of this house and do something besides talk to people at banks and lending institutions! Having (I think) solved a few problems, it’s time for me to move. I’m told that my chronic sleepiness is the new medicine I’m taking and if I just hang on for a few more weeks, it will settle down. I sure hope so. All I feel like doing is sleeping and I’m not normally a big sleeper!

    Your train station is very bright an colorful!

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    • That is the end station in Bern from our local train. It goes underground for the last few meters. I took the photo in my more mobile days, but I am really thinking am I so not mobile. I think I should see how far I can go. I want to visit other places. We have such a good coach place here and they do various excursions. It would be much easier than a long train ride.

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  3. Good for you. I agree you should go and have a little adventure with the camera while you are fit enough and Mr Swiss can be left for a few hours. None of us knows when we might lose the ability to go anywhere. I have been thinking the same myself as I’m tired of never having anything new to photograph and thinking I should make a regular day to jump on the bus and go somewhere with the camera. Like it does for you it means a very early start but spring is on the way. When I worked at the Adelaide Railway Station I often used to see people travelling with their electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters as there were ramps to get on and off the train. One person even told me there was a little club some of them belonged to and they went on outings together on the train.

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    • I am hoping to find a group something like that. There are groups for MS sufferers, but that is not what I want. Just people with mobility problems. Traveling with a wheelchair on trains in Switzerland is not so good. They put you in the goods carriage. I would prefer a coach as you get more individual assistance


      • That is rather poor. In Adelaide mobility scooters on suburban trains would use the same space allotted for disabled passenger as the seats flip up to accommodate wheelchairs, prams and bikes. Ramps were available which if there was no passenger assistance officer on board the driver would have to deploy when needed. Some sort of lobby group for mobility impaired people might be needed.

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