FOWC with Fandango: Touch


After a  week of record high temperatures in Europe all it needed was a touch from above to change everything. Suddenly the heavens grew darker and a wind blew through the village knocking down everything not strong enough to stand against its power: a rumble here and there and the heavens have opened up as if to say, I bet we surprised you.

This was the last photo I took about 10 minutes ago. The blinds are now closed and I can hear the rain beating against them. At last relief from the heat wave, but did it really have to be so crass and sudden? OK, we are never satisfied. Climate change and all that jazz, but this is now more than a touch, it is a downright grab.

FOWC with Fandango: Touch

RDP Friday: Prepare


Things are happening outside the supermarket
Why is this container outside, locked and not to be opened
What mystery does it contain?
What can it be?
Of course
It will soon be 1st August and preparations are being made for celebrations
for the Swiss National Day
Does it contain fireworks
or Perhaps just an assortment of flags?
Just remember if you happen to be flying over Switzerland on 1st August going to your holiday destinations do not worry when the mountains seem to be on fire
On almost every peak we have a bonfire

1st August 31.07 (2)

RDP Friday: Prepare

Good Morning


After a week of plain blue skies, with only perhaps a single little cloud scuttering along, this morning greeted me with this, although the sun was not far behind. Yesterday evening it was even quite grey up there, but just a deception. Our European continent is still determined to break a few more temperature records, at least until the week-end. It seems that storms are on the way, but perhaps just fake news, who knows.

I am suffering like the rest of us on our side of the pond and general dress code is short trousers or loose clothing and as cool as it can be. I don’t think I will even complain again about the cold, icy, snowy unfriendly winters in Switzerland.


In the meanwhile insect life is picking up in my garden and the buddleia bush seems to have become Times Square/Piccadilly circus of the flying world. I spotted this tortoiseshell butterfly hovering around yesterday, but it just refused to settle and show me the complete wings, so I only got a partial view.


And then we have the hawkmoths, that also want their fill of the flowers. They are the humming birds of the plant world, with their elongated probiscis poking around in the flowers. They are quite the hovercraft. Usually just plain brown but yesterday I spotted this one with its green fat body. Of course my next reaction was to check what is was and it seems this one is known as an elephant hawkmoth, being bigger than the others. It stayed a while and then flew off to the next laid table.


Otherwise the plants are still flowering, and I discovered a surviving honesty plant. I had quite a few before the gardener redid my garden, but this was the one that  got away and somehow managed to drop a seed here. Some qualify them as weeds, but I find them not so weedy, and they are apparently quite good for the garden soil.

Today another Friday in the rest of my golden oldie life, and so time to explore the local store for its week-end contributions, although in this hot weather hunger is not something that we have and certainly not the energy to cook a five star menu. I am trying to keep it plain and simple at the moment.

And now to move on to the daily cleaning session and shower. Enjoy the day, we now have the week-end approaching, although I do not think I will be going places if this heat continues. I prefer to have a summer hibernation and watch the butterflies and other flying insects. I depart with a view over my echinacea plant, that some call coneflowers. The are sprouting in various places in my garden at the moment.