RDP Tuesday: Passage


Our town is full of passages, it must have been something that the Romans loved. This is the entrance on the west side of town.

And the East side?

Solothurn 02.07 (15)

Of course we have another passage a gate. But this one is a little more complicated. this would be the road entrance. If you are a pedestrian the idea is to go through here:

Baseltor Entrance 25.07 (3)


Baseltor Passage 10.11.2018

here you have another choice and when you eventually enter the town

Solothurn 27.04 (4)

This is what you get

Goldgasse 05.09.2018

or this.

Yes, the world is full of passages.

RDP Tuesday: Passage

Good Morning


I made it, better late than never. My cleaning lady is hard at work and so was I, but my windows are now looking good and lunch is already cooking, so I can take it easy for a few minutes and tell everyone about life, although not very much is happening at the moment.

The family upstairs were moving out so there was a little bit of excitement with moving vans and the guys shifting it all. I also discovered two large bags of garbage in my garden cupboard, which I do not like hanging around, I moved one of them to the container this morning with my walker and the other is waiting for No. 1 son to rise from his bed to take care of the other. He is now two weeks at home for the rest of his holiday.

Otherwise I met the guy that is also dealing with a lift repairs and he told me that it would be working again this afternoon. I am so glad as I had to walk to the next entrance to get down to the garage and I also have a few things to shift to the car. We have two bags of a metal and glass which should be shifted to the depot in our village for disposal. Again I will be depending on son No 1 for his help.


Yesterday we had one of those spectacular sunsets so I just had to capture it with my camera around 9.00 in the evening. That is one of the advantages of having sunny weather throughout the day as we get the sun’s reflections on the sky in the evening.

I was at the store yesterday to get food supplies. When No. 1 son is here, just a piece of bread and cheese or salami is not his idea of an evening meal. He never eats cheese, but makes an exception for a piece of english cheddar sometimes in the evening.

I also had an interesting discussion with a fellow MS patient at the parking space in the supermarket. He has one of those super electronic scootermobiles. I have been thinking about getting one for some time, but would have to upload it in the garage where there are other people and do not want have complaints about everyone paying my electricity. The guy with the scooter told me it uses very little electricity and it has a range of 50 kilometres when fully loaded. My wheelchair only has a range of 25-30 although it is enough for my short journeys. It also travels faster than mine, but would cost more than my little car, so I decided to forget it for a while. And now I should move on. No photos from the garden today. I am hoping to have an excursion into town, but on the other hand it is too hot at the moment. Must see what the day brings and if I have the time. Tuesday afternoon is usually free if no-one has to go to the doctor.

Have a good day everyone, see you around somewhere on the flip side when I have sorted my daily life out.