RDP Monday: Prince

Prince Monolulu

The only prince that I ever saw in real life was Prince Monolulu. Never heard of him? One of my dad’s favourite animals was a horse, not that he could ride one, but he loved to see them racing, even better with a bet on the winner, especially if you were at the race course savouring the atmosphere and hearing the noises.

Of course, I should know. I think I had seen more live horse races as a kid than the most and that was where I saw Prince Monolulu. For an exception this photo was not taken by me, it must have been some time in the fifties by the clothing that was being worn. But one day mum and dad took me to a family outing to a race course, most probably Hurst Park in the county of Surrey South of London. And there he was Prince Monolulu: no he was not a real prince but that was the title he gave himself. There are details about him in Wikipedia, but for some reason his place of work were the race courses.

He was known for his war cry “I gotta horse” and would sell his tips for the winner of the race. I saw him dressed in his colourful clothes and have never forgot the impression he left behind, although I was probably just about 5-6 years old at the time. Anyhow I had a look and found the following YouTube video of the Derby, a well known British race. This was the first time that it took place again after the war. Prince Monolulu can be seen for  short moment, but I found the other scenes also of interest. It was quite nostalgic especialy when the real Prince and the Queen arrived.

RDP Monday: Prince

9 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Prince

  1. Fascinating video. And a double Prince, considering the winning horse was also a prince, Arctic Prince. I looked him up on the internet, this is only one of four races he ran and one of two he won. The fashions are amazing. Who would wear fur to the races these days.

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