RDP Sunday: Puzzle


And so I had a hairdresser appointment. Now Heidi, my hairdresser for many years, is always good for a surprise. She is more a family friend than just a hairdresser, as she happens to live in the same village as I do, even on the same estate, just a walk across the connecting road.  She is very well organised and to give her waiting customers something to do she organised a puzzle in her saloon. Actually there are not many waiting customers, just usually one waiting for the previous customer to have the finishing touches.

I was always a customer for jigsaw puzzles, I grew up with them. This puzzle was placed in the window of her saloon so you even had a view of the street whilst solving it. Even the subject of the puzzle was ideal, our town of Solothurn, where the saloon is, so what could be better.

Dead bird at the hairdressers

Yes, Heidi is very original. I remember when she once had a cage in the corner of the saloon containing a stuffed bird, I think it was a raven. Another opportunity for a photo. She removed this exhibit a few years ago, perhaps she had a complaint from the ornithological league.

RDP Sunday: Puzzle

2 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Puzzle

  1. great post! AND to get your hair fixed at the same time (I do understand that she had to take away the cage with the stuffed bird!) You know, of course, the expression of having one’s hair like a bird’s nest…. 😉

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