FOWC with Fandango: Productive

Garden Spider babies

Garden spiders can be very productive. I spotted this family on the leaves of a growing sycamore some years ago in the garden. They like to spread, but the mother is keeping an eye on them and as soon as there is a movement the babies group together and she is there to protect them. And then one day later there are no more babies. They have left the nest and the survivors are creating their own kingdom somewhere.

FOWC with Fandango: Productive

RDP Sunday: Puzzle


And so I had a hairdresser appointment. Now Heidi, my hairdresser for many years, is always good for a surprise. She is more a family friend than just a hairdresser, as she happens to live in the same village as I do, even on the same estate, just a walk across the connecting road.  She is very well organised and to give her waiting customers something to do she organised a puzzle in her saloon. Actually there are not many waiting customers, just usually one waiting for the previous customer to have the finishing touches.

I was always a customer for jigsaw puzzles, I grew up with them. This puzzle was placed in the window of her saloon so you even had a view of the street whilst solving it. Even the subject of the puzzle was ideal, our town of Solothurn, where the saloon is, so what could be better.

Dead bird at the hairdressers

Yes, Heidi is very original. I remember when she once had a cage in the corner of the saloon containing a stuffed bird, I think it was a raven. Another opportunity for a photo. She removed this exhibit a few years ago, perhaps she had a complaint from the ornithological league.

RDP Sunday: Puzzle

Good Morning


It’s a cloudy one today which did not surprise me. We had a shower around midnight which developed into a thunderstorm and then it stopped. Five minutes later the rains returned and so it continued throughout the night with the grand finale this morning when I was awoken by thunder. Now it seems to have quietened down, although does not look so very promising outside. I am glad for a break in the hot summer weather. The garden has now received the water supply it needed and the plants are looking up again.


The bees are still around looking for their daily refreshment

Son No. 1 arrived home safely yesterday and I picked him up at the station. I was glad to get his phone call around 7.45 in the evening meaning that I could at least let the washing machine do its work on the first charge. I did recognise my son at the station, although his skin is now a much darker colour, quite brown. Although he was in Italy for two weeks he did say that not once did they serve spaghetti for a meal, although there was plenty of other pasta available.

At the moment I have a mouse problem. Not the ones that my cat might bring home as a trophy, but the one belonging to one of my computers. I was surprise because Logitech is such a good product and they seem to last for a lifetime. I have two computers, the Mac and the Acer Windows. I noticed the Mac Logitech mouse was losing the connection now and again and now it is permanently lost. Of course one of the first thoughts is that the computer has a problem. I changed my mouse to the one I use on my Acer and it works perfectly on my Mac, absolutely no problem. I used to have a so-called magic mouse on my Mac, a special one designed for Mac users, but after persevering for a year I gave up. That was not such a good mouse. I bought a second mouse, the Logitech that no longer works, last year in October. Being an organised person, I have a file with all my guarantees, and still have the guarantee for my mouse, so I will be at the store on Monday for a replacement.


And now I am off for the Sunday work around to make sure I have enough time to deal with the ironing of the holiday clothes. Enjoy the day, make the most of it.