FOWC with Fandango: Grateful


The bee, or whatever it is with the striped pullover, is probably grateful to discover this freshly opend echinacea flower to perform is purpose in life.

Otherwise forget grateful. At the age of 73 the only gratefulness is for the treatment I get from the doctor to keep me going and that is all paid for by me through the sickness insurance. What is this grateful thing? It is the third time in the last half year that I should write about it, although admittedly I do not have to write about anything really. So do your work little bee and be grateful that I have flowers in my garden to give you something to do.

FOWC with Fandango: Grateful

Good Morning


Not as dramatic as it seems: a pleasant breeze and and wispy clouds above. It looks like it will be another hot day today, but I am only going places where I want to and not have to. I had enough yesterday with excursions that I had to fit in between shopping.

Altstadt Solothurn10.11 (3)

I had to drive first of all into town which was really a first for me, to a bank just here on the right a little at the front and out of the picture. There were people wandering around and enjoying the weather, not an ideal place to be with a car. Afterwards I drove on through the narrow streets, which were originally built for roman feet with sandals and perhaps a chariot here and there, but I did it: thank goodness there was no traffic in the opposite direction. Road laws are only for the survivors in our little market town. Eventually I found the way out and then to the next place to deliver the document which was not in town, but also combined with narrow streets where I did have traffic either behind me or in the opposing direction. I luckily managed to park half on the pavement to allow space for the others to pass by.

Afterwards I took Mr. Swiss home who was my guide through the town. I must admit we did have a few agreeing to disagree moments on my Paul Revere journey. Then I was off again to the store to get the week-end shopping. My son returns today so it was the normal shopping routine again. However, he will only arrive this evening and will probably not be eating with us today. He is coming by coach  with the other members of his handicapped group (he is autist) from Italy and will have to cross the Gotthard pass when arriving in Switzerland to get to our part of Switzerland. This morning early they already reported 14 kilometres traffic jam, which is normal for holiday times when everyone flocks to the south and returns again. However, he usually arrives early evening eventually. I will then have the pleasure of starting the washing machine marathon with his holiday clothes. So I will again be on my way with my car this evening to pick him up at the station.

I will be glad for a normal daily routine.


Otherwise life continues at home and my gardening is flowering like made. The sunflowers have arrive: not the mega size, but the normal size which do have more charm than the big ones that seem to have more seeds than petals.


My five franc orchids from the supermarket are also doing well. That was really a wonderful special offer.


These were not such a special offer, at thirty Swiss francs for a pot, but they were really something original. I don’t know how they managed to do the special colouring, probably something special in the water. Needless to say I did not buy one, just took a few pictures.

And so life continues. I might even manage a wheelie this afternoon into town. I just hope that temperatures are bearable, they seem to be increasing daily and are now around 30°C or more in the afternoon. I will not be sorry when Autumn arrives with its decent temperatures and colours.

Time to go, my shower is calling and general organising of my living space. Have a good week-end and above all enjoy, although I know it does not always work out as you would wish: been there and done that so they say.


Let’s have some petunias from the local store to brighten up the day.