RDP Friday: Melt

Baseltor 11.04.2019

It was one of those hot days today, a real melting down process, the day when Mr. Swiss had to do a little business in town. I was thinking of taking a parking place just on the edge of town. He would only have a 5 minute walk to pick up something. He had another idea. I should drive into town and wait outside, it would only be a few minutes. I do have permission to drive into our cobble stoned market place, but I prefer taking a drive with my wheelchair into town and not with the car. And so I manoeuvred my way into town through this nice little narrow entrance gate and I even had a few centimetres to spare on each side. I arrived at the target, Mr. Swiss did his business and directed me out of the town.

This meant driving through streets where thank goodness no other car was approaching, but full of tourists and shoppers. There was no room to pass each other.

Zeughaus Christmas Calendar 06.12 (1)

Eventually, still in my little car, I had to navigate this square (more cobblestones) to return to my entrance gate again. Then Mr. Swiss had the brilliant idea we could now go further to give up  the document we picked up. This meant another odyssey through narrow streets and waiting until he completed his business, where I had opposing traffic on a narrow road.

Eventually I drove home and continued alone to the supermarket for the week-end shopping. I was perhaps 15 minutes later than usual for the shopping, but naturally all the parking places were occupied for the handicapped, so I parked on a place reserved for deliveries for the computer department, hoping no-one was having a TV, Radio or computer delivered today. When I returned to my car it had been parked in a hot spot full in the sun and then I began to melt. Thank goodness for air-conditioning in the car.

And now the melt of the evening. I decided we would have our famous toast Hawaii this evening. Toast a slice of ham, a pineapple slice on top and all covered by slices of cheese. Afterwards in the grill to let it melt together and with a garnish of paprika, the perfect meal. And now to relax.

Toast Hawaii
RDP Friday: Melt

4 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Melt

    • I don’t get snything special. Just a small packet of so-called toast bread. I can get processed slices of cheese, and I take greyerzer, although any cheese will do.


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