Good Morning


A few planes have left their marks this morning in the sky showing some connecting lines between the casual clouds. I always hear the planes above, but not always see them, or if I see them am too late with the camera. Here a mobile phone camera is not enough to capture them. I take my photos with the phone camera mainly when I want a quick upload, but for something more elaborate, you can never beat a real camera. I used to take my camera everywhere, but since driving regularly again I no longer have the opportunity to use it. I really miss the journeys, even if it was only to the local store, when Mr. Swiss was at the driving wheel and I would be snapping away next to him from the passenger seat.

Life’s patterns change as you grow older. Mr. Swiss now stays at home with my camera, with just an occasional excursion with me in the car, and I am the one now concentrating on the road.

Yesterday was not really a shopping day, but after my midday sleep I had to pick up some medicine for Mr. Swiss at the doctors. The doc was alone in the practice so I could exchange a few words with her. She also helped me with my walker. She has a ramp on the ground floor entrance to the surgery, but as ramps go, not so perfect. I managed to wheel up having a little balance problem, but I was dreading losing my balance wheeling down. She came with me to the entrance and took over with the walker whilst I concentrated on descending the two steps with my cane. I was so glad and it solved all my problems. Afterwards I clmbed into the car and decided to drive off to the supermarket, just for a few bits and pieces. This was really a good shopping trip, as I was not in a rush, had really no big important stuff to get, and could take my time. I even went down to the lower level where the garden plants are, and the seeds. I had been thinking about planting some pansy seeds for spring flowering and got myself a packet. I love pansies with their little faces.


Some faces are better than others as this one shows from one of our local flowerbeds in town.

Today is week-end shopping. Son No. 1 will be arriving home from his two weeks holiday tomorrow evening where he will be bringing the usual gifts of dirty laundry, although as I had no beds to change this week, I am quite up to date and have enough time and space in the machine to deal with it.


My basil is at last showing some available leaves for a tomato salad. It took some time. At first the slugs brought their 600 teeth with them and had a chew, them we had a spell of colder weather (that seems so long ago) and now it has recovered and sprouting nicely.


I also noticed another echinaca/coneflower plant in the garden, they seem to be everywhere at the moment.

I am now off for a little session with the vacuum cleaner and mop after my morning shower. Let us see what the day brings. I am waiting for an important letter this morning and hope it arrives, otherwise it would mean an extra trip into town which I do not know how I would fit it in, but things are never how you would like to have them.

Hope you all have good day, with no unwanted surprises or stress. I leave you with my newest flower in the garden. Nothing really different, but the first to show on this partcular hosta which the gardener planted after the builders left us a couple of years ago. ย I was surprised, but there are a few of them to come and they managed to escape from the jaws of the monster slugs.


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