RDP Thursday: Elaborate


I am on the lookout for a nice plant for my home: something a little different and then I saw them. I am quite an orchid fan, and have had all colours, but something like this never. There they were in the gardening section of the store.


The average price of an orchid is about 20 Swiss Francs in my part of the world. These were priced at 30 Swiss Francs. I decided to just take a few photos, it was much cheaper and I can look at the photos.  Thirty francs was just a little to much for my flower budget. But they were definitely elaborate and unique.

RDP Thursday: Elaborate

7 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Elaborate

  1. Magnificent! I’ve never seen any like that. Almost looks like they put food coloring in the water and the plant took it in. Amazing what they can do with horticulture! I was amazed by the climbing brown-eyed susan vine I saw at the garden show.

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  2. Wow! That is amazing! I think you were smart to just take pictures. I don’t have much luck with orchids and would probably just kill it. This way you can keep it forever!

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