RDP Wednesday: Gratitude


Somehow this one seems familiar, but I suppose I always have something to be grateful about. Right now I have just got back from a shopping trip, so let’s be grateful for the food I bought. Mr. Swiss came with me, poor man. It was his own free choice, I am still not sure if I am grateful that he came or that he is grateful that he accompanied me. I have an app on my iPad/iPhone for the store and I can see all my cash desk receipts on it. It is quite interesting to see how much rebate I get on certain items, that I did not expect. But, just a moment. What is that one. Someone spent 3.30 Swiss francs for a coffee in the restaurant? Of course I told my Mr. Swiss to have a rest in the restaurant whilst I did the shopping. Now he is annoyed that the computer (iPad in this case) sees everything. I explained that I find it fun to see everything I buy and the rebates on the prices. He finds it a liberty from the store, but I suppose not everyone is grateful for the online view of  what you have bought. Anyhow we both survived.

He was not grateful  for the air conditioning  in my car as we drove home and began to fiddle with the knobs causing a draught on my side of the car.  I suppose old habits are hard to break. Otherwise I am grateful for my caramel cream and the Lindt chocolates I have at home.

Otherwise do not expect too much from my feelings of gratitude. Everything costs money.

And the wonderful place where I live with the greenery, trees and everything – even that is not free. We pay for the care through our local taxes.

RDP Wednesday: Gratitude

2 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Gratitude

  1. Oh, this was a fun post! My husband used to buy me a Christmas or birthday present…..and put it on the joint charge card. Like I wouldn’t notice? Lindt chocolates…..they are the best, aren’t they? I am grateful you have them at home, too.

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    • I quite like certain Lindt chocolates, but not all. These are a good mixture that one of the Swiss stores has, but not so cheap. Mr. Swiss and I no longer give such presents We stopped a couple of years ago. I realised if we really wanted something we bought it ourselves.


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